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Inyanga Naturals 

Letter from the brand- 

"Almost everything I found on the market had way too many ingredients, most of which I couldn't pronounce. I would go out and buy "natural" products only to find that they contained too many preservatives and fragances.

I started tinkering around with different oils and butters in my kitchen trying to come up with something that was wholesome for my skin. I absolutely love raw shea butter and can use this stuff solo. In fact that's what I did for a long time. I loved the nutty scents and the great sheen that I got, and my skin felt oh sooooo SOFT.

At iNYANGA we start with the purest, unrefined shea butter and whip in our wholesome ingredients. We select only unrefined/virgin oils to compliment our products and never use parabens, petrochemicals or "fragances". Instead we use healing essential oils to achieve the fragrance you desire."

Never Tested On animals - Inyanga Naturals  ingredients have been tested over time, not on animals.​  That's the benefit of using time test indigineous ingredients; you can rely on the wisdom of those that came before you.

100% No BS Ingredients - When Inyanga Naturals say all natural, they mean it. They handcraft each and every product. You don't have to worry about long ingredient lists or stuff you can't pronounce.
Discover The Difference-  Inyanga Natural
 feels that Mother Nature is the best scientist of them all. ​It's time for us to use her bounty the way she intended.  They showcase her wisdom by using the finest raw, cold-pressed ingredients we can find.