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activist.jpgSaturday January 21st, we joined millions around the world in marching for women's rights. To see men, women, parents, children, people of every faith, color, background and religion show their support was incredibly uplifting -- the energy, passion and love, electrifying. 
For many it was a coming together of recognition after a "what happened?" realization.  And now after recognition comes resolve.    Our resolve is to go beyond what is easy and live our every day with conviction and action for what we believe in.   While we face an uncertain future it is clear that we must each individually take on the responsibility to not wake up again wondering  "what happened?"   
So as a tribute to the many heartwarming and funny signs that dotted the march, and our resolve to march all those extra miles for ourselves and others, we are launching a new collection of activist tees to help us on our way.  
Show your support and take action for women's rights, human rights, animal rights and environmental rights with our made in America Mobilize collection...