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Agave Denim


As any traveler knows, the uniform for the adventurous soul is jeans and a t-shirt and nobody does classic, stylish jeans better than Agave Denim. Born out of a desire to mix West Coast cool and comfort with East Coast style, founder Jeff Shafer started out on a journey to create "the best jeans on the planet."Inspired by his days growing up in Southern California where the air was clean, the surf sparkled and the land cried out for adventure, Shafer created Agave Denim to embody a modern luxe jean that pays homage to West Coast cool, to the American spirit and to the beauty of our environment. Bummed that the best jeans were made in Italy and Japan and not the US, Shafer led the crusade to claim back the title and bring high quality denim - and the jobs that went with it - back to the U.S.

"It seemed to me that America should be producing the best jeans in the world. Agave was created to be just that and eight years later remains true to its roots of designing and crafting beautiful, inspired and authentic denim products using only the highest quality  materials.  All denim jeans and cut & sewn knits are handcrafted in California.  The Agave style is defined by one's inner confidence and the ability to enjoy the simple beauty of life.  Agave Style is effortlessly cool and mindfully elegant.  Agave Denim is West Coast Luxury.

Designed in Portland and handcrafted in California, Agave is a "West Coast Life" brand committed to making wonderful and inspired denim products in a sustainable way using the highest quality craftsmen and materials.

As Jeff likes to say, “we only make products we love to wear.”  Agave's personality is a reflection of its founder, Jeff Shafer: creative, casual and passionate.  It's also independent, innovative & risk taking.  As a company Agave is focused on inspiring customers by providing style, sustainability and quality to their life through their clothing choices. When you buy a pair of Agave Jeans, you are wearing handcrafted denim from here in the USA made ethically by workers who  treated fairly as part of the Agave family.

That is something we at Modavanti can get behind.