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AHNESTI believes that what we put on our bodies is extremely important. We are bombarded with chemicals on a daily basis and if there is any way we can reduce our toxic body burden in just the slightest way we should do it.   Ingredients used in the manufacture of beauty products should support our health and wellbeing, not conflict with it. 

If AHNESTI can prove that plant-based, non-toxic ingredients perform as good as  — or better than — their traditional counterparts, then why would anyone choose ingredients that are questionable?

It's important for to leave a light footprint on the planet and to live healthy lives while we're here. That's why Ahnesti chooses to create products with some pretty high standards. 

AHNESTI Haircare is created in a Certified Organic manufacturing facility and all formulations are:
• sustainable • biodegradable • made from renewable, natural resources • made with organic and natural ingredients • non-GMO • vegan • silicone free • cruelty-free • toxin-free •


In AHNESTI's efforts to create professional formulas without the ingredients typically found in salon haircare, they chose to follow the Whole Foods Unacceptable Ingredients List as a guideline — because they have the highest (and only) personal care standards available.