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Angela Roi 

“Changing the world with handbags.” It’s a simple message with a profound impact. Founded on “strong moral purposes” and a desire to make an impact through fashion with every handbag you purchase, Angela Roi gives a portion of their sale to fighting cancer and other terrible diseases. Each color you choose represents a different disease that you are joining to help end. For the founders, Angela and Roi, Angela Roi is about utilizing fashion as both an artistic and charitable effect; about “intertwining consumerism with philanthropy.”

Doing good with fashion though, starts with making good fashion.  The bags from Angela Roi are perfect symbols “of this pragmatic beauty”  mixing classic shapes and structures with a modern touch. To Angela and Roi” fashion combines the necessity of clothes with art.” Women’s fashion is an important medium for us all to express our individuality, our style and most importantly, our passions and what we stand for. For Angela and Roi it is prioritizing ethical and respectful treatment those they work with, their customers and of course, animals.  That’s why every Angela Roi bag is 100% high-quality vegan leather.

What’s better is that by cutting out the middle-men and working directly with their manufactures in South Korea (where both founders are from), Angela Roi can offer boutique-quality, classically designed handbags at a competitive price. Modavanti is proud to offer beautiful Angela Roi on our site and support their mission of making an impact through what we wear.