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Article 22

Named after the universal declaration of human rights, Article 22 promotes everyone's right to social, economic and cultural security through fashion design. 

IMPACT - Each piece supports artisan livelihoods, village development, and demining in Laos. At the current rate of removal, it will take an estimated 800 years to clear all unexploded ordnance. With each Peacebomb sold, ARTICLE 22 and the artisans of Ban Naphia support their families, community, and country, helping make land safe.1 bracelet helps clear bombs from 3m2 of farmland

ARTISANS - Article 22 works with 12 artisan families in rural Laos who began transforming bombs to spoons in the 1970s.  Article 22's network of artisans expands further to weavers and silversmiths from Vientiane to New York City.



Released on International Peace Day 2011. Article 22's documentary short sets the work of Ban Naphia artisans against the history of the Secret War, 1964-1973, which left Laos the most heavily bombed country in the world, and current efforts to ban cluster munitions at the 2010 International Convention on Cluster Munitions in Vientiane. (Trailer above) 


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