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Be Natural Organics

A letter from the president - 

"The creation of Be Natural Organics results from two factors: My 30 years as a skin care professional and my growing concern about the use of toxins, carcinogens and harmful preservatives in the majority of skin care products. Be Natural Organics is committed to providing the finest organic and natural skin care. We concentrate many of our ingredients into intensive serums which provide significant benefits without the addition of harmful preservatives or fillers. 

As consumers, we have control over what goes on our skin and into our bodies. If you want a natural healthy skin care line, free of artificial colors, synthetic fragrances and harmful preservatives let Be Natural Organics provide you with the best. 

We invite you to try our products, give us your feedback and become the voice of a new generation of skin care users. 

Be Well,

Joanne O’Donnell, President
Be Natural Organics"


What Be Natural Organics Chooses to Use, Avoid, and Why

As the dangers caused from toxins in personal care products become more evident, it is important to educate oneself on the toxicity levels in every product used. This enable you to make informed decisions about what to apply to your skin, and introduce into your bodies.

At Be Natural Organics, they want their customers to be armed with the necessary information to ensure that you make the right choices for your skin. That is why each of their products are rated for toxicity levels by an independent environmental organization.

Along with knowledge on the overall toxicity levels in skin care products, they think it is important to understand the various types of toxins. For this reason, Be Natural Organics included a list below of the two main types of toxins and their effects on our bodies:

Synthetic toxins - Most tend to accumulate in our bodies and attribute to our "Chemical Body Burden". Numerous studies have shown that harmful synthetic toxins accumulate in our organs and fatty tissues and eventually lower the body's resistance to fight disease. Two of the main synthetic toxins used in skin care products are parabens and sulfates. Parabens, found in over 90% of skin care products, collect in the fatty tissues in breasts and have been connected with breast tumors. Sulfates accumulate in the brain, heart, liver and lungs and have shown similar detrimental effects. At Be Natural Organics, we ensure our products are free of all harmful synthetic toxins. For more information, please see our "Articles" link.

Natural toxins - These are very different than their synthetic counterparts. Fruit and vegetable enzymes, some essential oils and other botanical actives may have a toxicity rating. However, these natural enzymes dissipate into the skin, fulfill their purpose (for example, to exfoliate the skin or stimulate collagen), and become neutralized by the body.

You will notice products with a toxicity rating over “2” (very safe) will contain essential oils and / or various natural acids to provide a specific result in the skin.

Be Natural Organics is founded on the principle of creating “Botanically Active Skin Care” that provides unprecedented nutritional potency, purity and results.