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Beija Flor

“Brazil is a South American country known for its beautiful women and their sense of style, seemingly endless beaches and its dense rainforests filled with colorful hummingbirds, known in Portuguese as “Beija-Flor.” This is where a mother daughter-team worked side by side to create a beautiful denim brand started by women for women. A company that stands for style and sustainability and a pair of jeans that symbolizes the best of their country. It was in Brazil where Beija-Flor was born.

A lot of designers think they have the best jeans. But when Beija Flor promotes their title of having the best jeans, don’t just take their word (or ours). Listen to Oprah because according to Oprah Magazine, Beija Flor jeans are in fact, “the world’s best jeans.”

Once you try a pair of these colorful brazilian beauties you’ll understand why. Their innovative fit, high quality denim and figure support features will make these your favorite go-to pair all spring. But these just aren’t your ordinary, stylish, colorful fabulously fitting jeans. Beija-Flor’s dedication to social and environmental responsibility is a major difference between their jeans and others on the market.

These fabulous repreve colored jeans are as sustainable as they are chic. As ethical as they are shaping. The name “Beija-Flor” represents the “inherent beauty and style of Brazil and her indigenous selection of hummingbirds that grace her countryside.” And what better way to honor their country’s beauty, than by creating a jeans that help protect it. Each pair of repreve color jeans is made from 8 recycled water bottles and made using ethical labor practices. Beija Flor is proudly made in a factory where their employees aren’t just paid wages, they are given food, offered medical care and sometimes provided transportation.

That’s not all. Both Beija’s denim manufacturer and their cut and sew facility have their own waste water treament facilities on site and use cashew nut shells to produce steam needed for production making these jeans the best fitting, most ecologically sound denim in the world. As a result, the facility was awarded an ISO certification for their environmental stewardship.

Such a commitment to high-quality eco-friendly jeans will make you say “I love these jeans!” You’re not alone.