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Catrinka is an ethical fashion accessories label that invests in women and girls. Catrinka is about leveraging the power of women and girls to invest in each other and the future.  Catrinka pieces are made by women, who invest twice as much of their income in their families as men. And with each bag sold, Catrinka invests in providing crucial life skills to adolescent girls on the margin, so that they have the tools to take charge of their own future, and postpone marriage and childbirth beyond the age of 12 or 14. Those girls then have the ability to invest in the next generation, and to help break the cycle of poverty. Catrinka: 

Their first effort, The Catrinka Project, was inspired by Girl Rising, a documentary film about girls education, and features a bag made by women artisans in each of the ten countries featured in the film. The Girl Rising collection provided 1,500 days of fair work to women in 11 countries, and supported 129 girls in 4 countries for a year with access to secondary school and/or tutoring. 

Catrinka’s founder, Megan Reilly Cayten, inherited her love of textiles from her grandmother, a weaver, and her mother, a visual artist and traveler with a deep passion for folk art. Megan teamed up with two friends with similar passions for leveraging design to invest in women and girls, Sumana and Amisha, in New York City to launch Catrinka in 2012.  

Their goal is to make products with a soul, and a story, and to provide their customers with a sense of intimacy among the whole community of customers, women makers, and girls who will change the world. Fashion should make you feel fabulous! And knowing where our products come from, and where the proceeds go, makes us feel even more glamorous.

Catrinka is named after Megan’s 6-year old daughter, Caterina (nicknamed “Catrinka”). They hope their mission speak to anyone who knows a girl and wants to make her dreams come true.

Image Credits: Catrinka