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With an affinity for all things handmade and leather, CHC has been crafting handbags since 2001. What started as “creating the handbag she couldn’t find”, progressed to the launch of CHC (Chelli Harms Collection) in 2011-- the established professional’s go-to for a functional bag that encapsulates her downtown edge. CHC embodies the fondness of trends but even more so the love for the timeless.
CHC’s latest collection explores the striking simplicity that comes from marrying contrasting colors and textures of leather. The collection adopts neutral color-blocking and calf hair composition to bring an innovative new look to the “Little Black Bag”.
CHC is U.S.-sourced and Chicago-made. With findings & leathers from Ohio, tags from Indiana and California, and (Horween) leathers from Illinois, no compromise is made to quality. All these components are brought together to be handmade by Chelli in Chicago.
CHC is also a giving company. Ten percent of the profits from each purchase is donated to WINGS: an organization empowering women and providing services to end domestic violence and homelessness.