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Delikate Rayne 

DELIKATE RAYNE is cruelty-free women's contemporary luxury. Ethically and consciously made, the cruelty-free designs bring the fashion set a fresh contemporary alternative. Innovative animal-free textiles, clean lines, and asymmetrical cuts designed to be seasonless create a harmonious blend of compassion, opulence, and street style- Delikate Rayne is bringing luxury with a purpose into existence. DR's immaculate craftsmanship and an aesthetic embodying edgy elegance, infused with an understated glamour, result in sleek must have separates for every wardrobe.  

DELIKATE RAYNE is innovation incarnate. It rejects all that is typical and mundane, and disposes of boundaries in favor of a cruelty-free future lived now.  Delikate Rayne embodies the perfect blend of minimalism and European sensibility resulting in clean, understated glamour. It is a cool sophistication, the glittered regalia of women unfettered by their own mystique. The brand is spun in the spirit of the captivating wildcat temptress; the mold-breaking, unapologetic femininity of that woman you think you know, but really don't. Daring timeless silhouettes, asymmetrical cuts, cruelty-free textiles and a host of other apparent contradictions celebrate Delikate Rayne's unwillingness to conform to expectation. The line stresses the power of individuality and sustainability, its pieces serve as a vehicle to express the natural allure of the unfiltered, worldly female.  "Style isn't worn, it is embodied. A garment is only fashion forward when the right girl makes it her own. The only woman you can be is yourself."