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Imagine if you could wear high performance outdoors gear made from plastic waterbottles, coffee grinds, fishing nets and old tires? Ecoalf was born in 2009 to do just that.

The idea behind EcoAlf was to create a fashion brand that is truly sustainable. The concept arose of frustration with the excessive use of the world’s natural resources and the amount of waste produced by industrialized countries.

It appeared that the way to do so was by stop using our planet’s natural resources in a careless way (all studies showed that we are presently using 5 times more natural resources than the planet is able to auto-generate).

Recycling could be a solution! 

The problem was that when EcoAlf began sourcing the market for recycled materials the offer was small and of very poor quality.

Most fabrics only contained a very small percentage of recycled material (15-20%).

Instead, EcoAlf invested in R+D and traveled the world to identify the ideal manufacturing resources, eventually building the foundation of the brand.

Through integrating breakthrough technology EcoAlf created clothing and accessories made entirely from recycled materials…without actually looking like it.

At the moment the company has 11 active alliances throughout the world (Taiwan, Korea, Portugal, Mexico, Japan, Spain, etc.) that allows to continually develop all necessary elements to manufacture with recycled materials.

Discarded fishing nets, post consumer plastic bottles, worn-out tires, post-industrial cotton, and even used coffee grinds become outerwear, swimsuits, sneakers and accesories. Ecoalf symbolizes the belief in what the fabrics and products of the new generations should be.