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Frock LA

“FROCK Los Angeles is a lifestyle brand that is becoming women’s go-to when they want to look glamorous, feel comfortable, and be on the cutting edge of fashion and inspiration.”

As founder Victoria Tik rightly coined it, FROCK LA is “haute sustainable” and for Victoria FROCK LA is all about glamour. Slip on a FROCK LA dress and you’ll be guaranteed to draw a few envious stares and maybe a camera flash or two. But there is so much more to FROCK LA than the daring cutouts, sexy silhouettes and stunning dresses. FROCK LA is committed to making fashion the right way.

Manufactured in downtown LA using eco-conscious practices, FROCK LA is not just about looking good in what you are wearing but being able to feel good about wearing it. With FROCK LA tops and dresses, you know that your dress was ethically made here in the USA by Victoria and her team. You know that your dress was made with bamboo and eco-friendly practices ensuring a low environmental impact and you know that when you step out of your car or into that party, you will be guaranteed to turn a few heads. FROCK LA is what sustainable style is all about.

Modavanti is thrilled to be partnered with a brand that is committed to moving fashion forward by putting style and sustainability on equal footing. Read our interview with founder and designer Victoria Tik below and shop FROCK LA on

1.) What is FROCK LA?

We call it a “haute sustainable” collection for women because we’ve combined a modern, edgy yet sophisticated aesthetic with luxury sustainable materials and technique. It’s not your typical organic or eco collection of plain t-shirts and boho dresses.

2). Tell us a little about yourself.

I think I may have gotten my start in fashion on eBay. I started designing and selling clothes there when I was 14. I loved it and it was my passion, but I ended up studying film at UC Berkeley so I never really thought of it as a career, more of a hobby. It wasn’t until I graduated and entered corporate culture that I thought, wow I don’t want to spend the rest of my life not doing exactly what I love. So I started my company, hired myself as the designer, (because without the experience no one else would), and learned everything from the ground up. It’s really scary, that I did that, looking back, but I’m glad I did. When you’re young you’re just not afraid to fall and it’s a great trait to take advantage of.

3). Who is your core customer? And what do you want them to feel when they wear FROCK?

Our core customer is definitely fashion conscious. She’s confident, busy with work and a social life and appreciates not only looking great but feeling great too. While she’s a fashionista she’s no slave to fashion. She’ll wear what she feels good in and pays attention to the details. When they wear FROCK, I hope they feel like they just stepped off a runway or a movie set. I want them to feel glamorous and own the fact that they will be turning a lot of heads.

4). When and how did FROCK LA get started?

I started this company with the help of my best friend in 2009. I brought the idea up to him (Ian) at the time and he was actually the only one who didn’t think I was crazy! He was just as excited and on board as I was, so it was natural.

5). What inspired you to start a fashion brand with a commitment to sustainability? Why is it important to you?

I felt like at this point in time, it’s important not to put additional waste into the environment. There’s just no excuse for it. Back then, the technology in the fabric and the choices, it wasn’t even where it is today. But I pushed forward with the idea because it A) was a challenge (and I like to test myself); B) it was a personal thing, I definitely felt a sense of responsibility and finally C) where was all the cool sustainable clothing for women?! Stella McCartney has kind of been an inspiration, she’s really showed you can make it so sophisticated and chic, we’re doing that but it’s more toward the masses.

6). What is the mission behind FROCK LA?

We’re really trying to promote sustainable shopping as an overall better alternative. What FROCK illustrates is that shopping consciously doesn’t have to involve forfeiting great style or the things you want to wear, it doesn’t cost more and it’s not less comfortable. It’s actually all the opposite. Most of our clients don’t even realize that our pieces are sustainable, which is great! They don’t know because it doesn’t have the typical high price tag, the starchy feeling or the stale design aesthetic.

7). Can you tell us about FROCK LA’s different commitments to sustainability?

We have an organic process that doesn’t just include sustainable fabrics but vegetable dyes, low waste cutting, recycling scrap fabrics, and a strict monitoring process from the the plant to the weaving of our jerseys. Even above all that, we’re a fair trade company. We only employ local factories that pay fair wages and source as much material as we can domestically. Finally, we take the opportunity to give back to our community through charity. We’ve donated excess fabric to create reusable diapers, dresses to the Princess Project, as well as time and monetary contributions to various other charities (Okizu Foundation, Trevor Project).

8). Define FROCK L.A. in two sentences or less

FROCK Los Angeles is a lifestyle brand that is becoming women’s go-to choice when they want to look glamorous, feel comfortable, and be on the cutting edge of fashion and inspiration.