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GUNAS is an exclusive, attainable, luxury lifestyle brand defined by its progressive outlook towards fashion. It embodies the style and spirit of someone who not only loves fashion but also takes deep interest in how their precious belongings are made. GUNAS is the ultimate symbol and pioneer of high fashion blended with functionality for the progressive minded, luxury-loving individuals. Named in honor of the attributes of nature in Sanskrit. It is also an anagram of the designer's name, Sugandh. 

Sugandh, was born and brought up in the charming city of Pune in India. She grew up with art and design forming an integral part of her surroundings since early childhood. Coming from a family of doctors, engineers, painters and businessmen Sugandh saw a well-balanced, progressive picture of the world she grew up in. Her fascination with travel began when she spent a whole year in Germany learning more about its culture and art forms. That experience made her want to explore new shores and it brought her to the United States.

The brand is committed to making products that are 100% animal friendly and sweatshop free. As a brand Gunas is committed to the business's triple bottom line; people, planet and profit. Sustainability is at the core of their brand's values. By choosing to be a leather-free company Gunas' focus has always been to use eco-friendly leather alternatives for their products including rescued, non-pvc, ultra suedes, nylons, polyurethanes amongst others. All manufacturing of Gunas bags is done in-house at their studio in India which is certified sweatshop-free. 

Every collection is bold and edgy, making a statement for those who want to differentiate themselves in a crowd. Gunas strongly believe in conscious-consumption and exclusivity. Hence many of their bags are produced as Limited Editions only.