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Half United

Carmin and Christian Black are the sibling founders of HALF UNITED, and the people behind the concept of using a recycled bullet casing to represent your fight against hunger.
Having started their business with only $200 these two turned a fledgling idea into a growing movement of men and women UNITING together to stop hunger in its tracks.

HALF UNITED proves that it is far better to give than to receive, donating a week’s worth of meals to a child in need with every product sold!

Why the Hunger Crisis? We believe that the world’s current #1 health risk, hunger, is a battle that can be won. Today there are over 925 million hungry people worldwide; over 13% of the population cannot effectively learn or work to provide food for their families. We are prepared to fight hunger like never before, and build the bodies and minds of both children and adults so they can break the cycle of poverty and positively change their communities.

Hand Made- Not only our products handmade but our materials are sourced from local businesses and the organizations we are partnered with. We recognize that economic development has a large effect on the global hunger epidemic so we strive to empower business owners and craftspeople to continue with their trade and success.

USA made - We are proud to offer products that are handmade in America! One of our goals from the beginning was to outsource the least amount of labor as possible and instead hire our neighbors and fellow American citizens to work beside us to produce the best products possible. Our mission is to change the world and that starts with the people in our own backyard.

The Story of the Bullet- In the summer of 09′ founders Carmin and Christian Black came up with the idea of using recycled bullet casings to create what has now become their iconic “Fighting Hunger Necklace.” “We wanted to create a simple yet bold item for our customers to wear which would display their fight against hunger, and remind them of the child’s life they’ve changed.” Says Christian. “We were sitting in my apartment and it hit us! Let’s string recycled bullet casings on chains and call them “Fighting Hunger Necklaces!” Says Carmin. Pretty quickly after this revelation their jewelry sales took off and the rest is history. Today these necklaces can be found nation wide in major department stores and in small boutiques as well. This little symbol is proving to be a big, powerful tool in fighting hunger world wide!