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Hortensia (pronounced H OH R-TEHNN-SEE-AH) is a Franco-Peruvian accessories & knitwear brand inspired by traditional Andean weaving, the warmness of alpaca wool and the people behind the brand. Hortensia was born out of the desire to show the rest of the world the unique designs that Peru has to offer.

Following the steps of three generations of knitters, designers Elizabeth Tola and Michelle Peglau carry on a legacy of quality and tradition with meticulous attention to style, comfort and timelessness. Each piece is entirely handmade by skilled artisans for whom knitting has been a live hood for generations. To maintain these traditions alive and enable a sustainable environment for the artisans is a major goal for the company. Hortensia feels as good as to wear as it does to create.

Fusing traditional knitting techniques, the unique qualities of alpaca wool and the designer’s chic aesthetic, the collection comes together in a display of luxurious, wearable pieces shown in endless textures and colors, designed for the active, stylish urbanites.

The alpaca wool used in our designs comes from the Andes in Peru. Alpaca wool is more rare than cashmere. Its thick coat grows as an adaptation of the extreme environment. It is considered a scarce, unique and luxury material due to its remarkable characteristics:Thermal quality Alpaca fiber is hollow, thereby providing excellent thermal properties.

Non-Allergic: Alpaca is free from lanolin making it hypoallergenic and non-itchy.


Alpaca clothing is comfortable, light and much more breathable than wool or cashmere.

Durability: Alpaca wool is stronger and warmer that merino wool. The fiber is naturally resistant to pilling, wrinkling and staining.