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Originating from the Sanskrit word meaning “a wish”, Ichcha’s products are created for better, more beautiful lives: For you. For the artisans. And for future generations to come. Ichcha's products are made from natural and high-quality material, such has handspun and handwoven fabrics, colorfully dipped in a bath of vegetable dye, friendly to the environment and perfect for the HOME OR BODY

Ichcha works with traditional craftsmen and women, encouraging the mark of the artisan, creating long lasting valuable MEMORIES in the goods brought to you. They have traveled across India, to find the best traditional methods and skills, such as block printing, and found something even better: communities of craftsmen and women with HEART AND SOUL.

Ichcha (pronounced “Ich-chah”) was founded by THREE SISTERS with one, simple wish: To encourage conscious living. They are proud to share Ichcha with YOU.

ICHCHA's mission is to encourage conscious living by creating products that are made from re-using waste material, using dyes that are natural and made from trees, barks, flowers, etc, working with artisanal crafts, and especially encouraging women from low income families. Due to their handmade nature, the products are made with utmost awareness of it’s creation, life, and after life. They care not only about how it was made but also about how it is fairing with the customer and most importantly what are its options post retirement.