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Indigenous Fair Trade Fashion is worth wearing. 2013's winner of the Womenswear Category for the Ethical Fashion's Source Awards, Indigenous is known for clothing and accessories at are as ethical and sustainable as they are beautiful. Using organic cotton, naturally sourced alpaca and soft merino wool and dyes that are eco-friendly, Indigenous employs over 1,5000 artisans in South America to produce their graceful sustainable designs. An original pioneer in world organic and fair trade fashion Indigenous continues to blaze the trail almost 20 years since launching their brand.
Inspired by the unique culture, workmanship and ancient traditions of Peru, Indigenous' founders Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds were moved to help communities mired in abhorrent poverty during a trip to South America in 1993. It was there they saw the possibilities of creating something worth wearing that could be both sought after fashion and make a positive social impact for impoverished local communities. After returning from their life-altering trip, Indigenous was born. With a mission to show the world the beautiful fabrics and artisan traditions, Scott and Matt set out to bring the hidden world of fashion to a larger mainstream market while at the same time, investing in the artisans, their families and the local economies. Of course building a brand that could produce clothing that did not harm the planet was also a core pillar for Scott and Matt leading Indigenous to become one of the world's first fashion labels to use organic cotton. Today through their partnership with over eight such co-ops, Indigenous has grown to support over 1500 artisans. Indigenous' latest innovation is their "Indigenous Trace Tool," a smartphone app which is "an opportunity to build bridges between the artisans who make the garments and the consumers who actually where them."
"It's an online application launched from a QR, which opens the website to allow anyone who is viewing can see the artisan who made the clothes, hear first hand in her voice to hear about the fashion she is making, can learn about her working conditions and the cultural origins of the fabrics that are being produced."  Modavanti is thrilled to partner with a role model and leader of the sustainable fashion movement.