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Welcome to Balifornia. Balifornia comes from the mix of founder’s California roots and Indosole’s roots in Bali. It fuses the best parts of East and West; the insatiable Californian spirit of wanderlust combined with the rich tradition and vibrant colors of Bali, Indonesia.

Conceived on a surf trip to Bali in 2004 by a couple of Californians, Indosole is the manifestation of a desire to share such cool shoes with their friends back home and make an environmental impact doing so. Struck by the environmental issues faced by Indonesians, and inspired by an unusual pair of sandals they found there they created a unique solution to the problem of pollution in Indonesia in the form of a product that was both fashionable and functional.

The Indosole set out on a mission. By stripping the outside lining from motorcycle tires and using the rubber to create the sole of the shoes, they discovered a way to create shoes with soul.

From there, the team used organic canvas to envelope the soles and voila, Indosoles were born.

“Repurposing” is the art of transformation, and for the team at Indosole, they learned this from their work with the local Balinese crafts people. Wise and resourceful artisans who taught the team that waste could me reimagined and transformed into something purposeful. By working with these crafts people, Indosole shoes have saved thousands of tires from overflowing and overcrowded Indonesian landfills that are slowly encroaching upon pristine natural lands and vulnerable neighborhoods. With “Re-purposed” products, Indosole offers the most organic, toxic free and environmentally sustainable production process. There is no melting down, off gassing, or reforming of any material—just strong hands and minds and the Indosole team and their artisan partners.

Indosole uses only locally sourced and animal free materials during its transformation of waste in fashionable and functional footwear. For the Indosole team, it’s not only about eliminating waste, it’s about giving it a new life. It is about re-birth and the cycle of life. The more tires they can save, means the the lower production of tire-derived fuel on the island, the smaller the landfills and of course, the more fashionable feet walk this planet. All together, that equals a healthier island, a healthier eco-system and a healthier way of living for all involved. Modavanti is excited to have such a fashion-forward responsible partner. Join us and the Indosole team on their quest to save 1 million waste tires from Indonesian landfills by purchasing your cool, sustainable shoes today.

With a five year reputation of re-purposing waste tires into soles for footwear, Indosole has taken resourceful fashion to the next level. Their designers have teamed up with Indonesian batik specialists and worked overtime to incorporate this one-of-a-kind fabric into our shoes and apparel.