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Kopal offers a viable window into the world of natural clothing: all-natural cotton fabrics, natural dyes and low-fi production - the result is worlds away from the mass-market, fast-fashion world.  Partnering with socially responsible organizations in India, many which offer local workers skill training and employment opportunities, is at the heart of Kopal. From partnering with widows in the holy city of Vrindavan for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection to utilizing the resources of the SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association), founded in 1972, designer Kopal has explored every angle to ensure her collection has equal parts style and heart.  Kopal also revives the dying art of handloom fabrics. The intricate Jamdani and Gamcha weaving process used to make each piece ensures that no two pieces are alike and each possess a unique and distinctive quality. 
In her most recent collaboration, Kopal is proud to partner with and announce a collaboration with SEWA, a non-profit organization in India which links female artisans with fulfilling work, providing them with fair wages, financial independence and a chance to engage the skills they've honed all their lives. It's the second collection which Kopal has produced in concert with skilled workers in India, as she strives to keep a connection with her homeland and do her best to celebrate the gorgeous handiwork of Indian tradition.