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Laidback London was born out of a desire to go back to basics -- to make products the old fashioned way, by hand,  while working with the imperfections to craft naturally unique products. Laidback London strives to create timeless pieces that are made to last and wear better with age. From small beginnings, the brand has now grown into an infrastructure which supports job creation within local communities in developing countries in Kenya and Bangladesh.  They provide a living wage, healthcare for all their employees, and reinvest into the community, supporting schools and orphanages in both countries.

Leathers are sourced from local, family owned tanneries, and are hand dyed and sundried before being cut. The uppers are then hand embellished with tiny colorful beads using a technique that symbolizes the traditions of the various local tribes. Different to any other, this painstaking method of sewing every fourth bead directly onto the leather can take one person up to half a day to embellish just two pairs of sandals.

Inspired by the colorful local cultures, the designs are created using craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations.