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The story begins wth a little girl visiting her movie makeup artist father at Pinewood Studios in England.  From his table filled with beautiful magical things, emerged Sian Richards, a make up perfectionist to the stars, Emmy nominated makeup designer, and finally, the brand, London Brush Company.  As an A-list makeup artist she discovered that it was difficult to find the quality makeup brushes she desired and set out to have some made for her..... The UK company launched in LA and sold out their first day. 

All brushes are handmade wth meticulous care to detail.  Modavanti is proud to feature LBC NouVeau Vegan collection.  These soft luxurious vegan brushes are hypoallergenic and antibacterial.   The handles are wooden made from sustainable forests, non toxic vegan glue, and filaments made ethically. All made in the USA.  LBC also has a comprehensive brush vegan system that promotes ecofriendly cleaning.