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Love is Mighty

Love is Mighty is a designer footwear brand committed to creating products that showcase an exceptional combination of modern innovation and ancient mastery. Through social responsibility and fair-trade, Love is Mighty ensures the dignity of all whom it works with and harms no animals.

The collections feature the work of semi-nomadic artisans from the deserts of India, who use centuries-old techniques in their intricate needlework. In an ever- urbanizing environment, with an increasing demand for 'fast-fashion', these marginalized peoples' traditional lifestyles are being threatened. Also as construction dominates India’s big cities, more and more tribal artisans in rural villages are giving up their centuries-old craft to learn to hang drywall and mix cement. Talented hands are having to abandon what they know and love. Thousands of years of Indian traditions are about to vanish. Love is Mighty shoes were born from a passion to preserve indigenous crafts.

With over two-decades of Fashion Design experience and a graduate of Parsons School, founder Monisha Raja, brings the exquisite work of tribes like the Rabaris, Jats and Marwadas to a contemporary, global fashion market.

Raja's passion for human and animal rights, emits from her work. Her mission empowers the artisans through fairly supporting their work and all shoes are made 100% free of animal-products in a factory that is vegan.

Monisha also designs shoes for diverse brands such as Tory Burch, Vince Camuto, BCBG and Max Azria. She lives in New York City.