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My Prime

Tessa Yutadco started My Prime as an extension of her own personal journey to wellness. "Several years ago, like many other women dealing with the stressful demands of everyday life, I did not prioritize my health and well-being. Recognizing that having healthy, beautiful skin is empowering, I decided to create a skin care line that combined effective natural botanicals with the latest advances in skin care science. My quest for effective botanicals ultimately brought me back to the Philippines where I was born and raised until the age of 16. As part of my research in the Philippines, I discovered the miraculous skin care and wellness benefits found in Pili and Moringa oils. At the same time, I worked with a leading skin care scientist in the United States to identify innovative active ingredients. Together we created products that fused the best of nature and science. The result is My Prime Anti-Aging Formulas."

My Prime is guided by the following principles:

Results. Their products are clinically proven to revitalize your skin. They achieve this by combining potent botanicals from Asia with the latest innovations in skin care science.

Honesty. The company is firmly committed to transparency in everything they do, especially in their relationship with their customers and in the communication of their products. Their ingredients are fully listed and verifiable, and their products are tested by a third party laboratory for safety and effectiveness.

Responsibility. Guided by a deep awareness that their actions impact the world around us, they create products with more than the end result in mind. To that end, they are committed to uplifting the lives of the Filipino women and men who harvest and extract the Pili oil used in select My Prime products. They also minimize their environmental footprint through responsible practices. Most importantly, they are responsible to you, their customer, by providing safe and effective skin care products that they know you will love.