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Why, hello beautiful! Welcome to MyChelle Dermaceuticals. MyChelle believes that beauty is so much more than skin deep. It’s self deep. And that every moment is an occasion to feel beautiful. If that sounds like your kind of philosophy, you just hit the skin care jackpot. Since founding in 2000, MyChelle has been obsessed with creating the most effective, nontoxic skin care products. MyChelle products deliver fast, powerful, visible results without nasty ingredients or toxic chemicals. Their experts scoured the world for the most potent natural ingredients and put them to work in our skin-saving formulas that calm, nourish, treat and love your skin to its most beautiful. Hallelujah! They’re also gung-ho about going green. MyChelle strives to be as responsible as possible by engaging in awesomely eco-friendly operations, giving back to community foundations and organizations they believe in, and wholeheartedly supporting their staff and their personal passions. MyChelle are not just nature lovers but animal lovers, as well. They believe that as beautiful as the Earth itself are the many creatures who call our planet home. MyChelle is proud to be on PETA’s list of certified cruelty-free companies. This means that they have verified that MyChelle does not conduct, commission or pay for any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations, or finished products, and also that MyChelle has pledged not to do so in the future. In addition, MyChelle has partnered with the WILD Foundation to support their efforts to protect wildlife and wilderness around the world - and love discovering like-minded individuals and companies who share our passion for and commitment to Mother Earth and all of her children.