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Nau (pronounced "now") is a clothing company based in Portland, Oregon that makes sustainable urban+outdoor apparel - integrated designs for the modern mobile life.

All aspects of our business - from the product to the business model - are an extension of the founders and how they live.

Since its beginnings NAU has designed for what the employees want first. As they say “If we won't wear it, why should you.” The same goes for their business practices: “If we can't stand behind the decisions we make, why should you.” A small team NAU has designed an outdoors lifestyle brand for what they love. It’s a team of skiers, bikers, climbers, surfers, runners and more.

That’s why their goal has been the same since the beginning-to use design to redefine business so that it can be a positive force for change. Nau does this the only way this small team of change makers knows how: by making sustainability and philanthropy inherent in everything they do, from thoughtful, considered designs to (like Modavanti) giving back 2% of every sale to one of our Partners for Change.

It's an integrated approach which blends the tailored and the technical to craft beautiful, urban and outdoor apparel for the modern, mobile lifestyle. This means classic designs, timeless colors, and premium, eco-friendly fabrics. It means challenging assumptions to design beyond trends to create style that will live long after the season is over. No logos. No fleeting hues. Just simple, clean, well-crafted silhouettes built to move with the elements, but still look sleek in the city.

It's a different way of doing things. One that requires a shift in the way an industry does business. One that we at Modavanti not afraid to stand behind. One that gives a damn-and is doing something about it. One that is changing the world by changing what we wear.