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Nisolo was started with a simple idea: To create quality shoes, with a simple modern design while respecting their workers and being proud of the process. For Nisolo it’s about creating quality shoes that could journey through urban streets and park trails. It’s about creating shoes that make sense to the mind and the pocket. It’s about that same effortless style that we all feel when we throw on our favorite pair of jeans.

And then it’s more. Nisolo shoes are about being transparent in how they are made. For the Nisolo team it is important to demonstrate the same level of transparency that we get from the food we put in our bodies to the clothes we put on our bodies. This mantra has led Nisolo to designing products you want to live in, that are sourced from artisans with generations of experience that give both customers and producers a sense of dignity, purpose and style. It’s the Nisolo way.