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Opificio V

The leader of Italian luxury vegan shoes, Opificio V is the fusion of tradition, craftsmanship and ethics. It is the point where excellence becomes supreme beauty. Opificio V's products do not contain leather, glues with animal origin or internal components with leather dust.

By selecting the best natural productions among the excellences of the Italian districts and working with the best technical materials designed for the footwear industry, Opificio V is able to make unparalleled beautiful shoes that are stylish, compassionate and high quality to last you a lifetime. At Opificio V ethics and style matter equally. The Milan based company values not only the product but also the work of the people. For this reason Opificio V only trusts Italian artisans, specialists that perpetuate a unique tradition, who use the best quality materials, which they cut, work, and sew by hand. Every single object becomes a unique piece and in all its details reveals a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship and of great attention given at each step.