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Parcel & Journey 

Parcel & Journey is a lifestyle brand that connects fashion-forward consumers with fair trade ethnic accessories in order to provide a sustainable income for skilled artisans around the world.

Modern and refined twist on classic global design. We believe in a “trade not aid” philosophy, giving skilled and talented artisans a chance to earn a sustainable income and provide a better life for themselves, their families, and communities. We work with artisan communities in Indonesia, Africa, Nepal, Haiti and Guatemala.

Parcel & Journey’s Founder Joanna Steinberg created P&J based on her passion for exploration and travel, merged with a calling to weave altruism into her day-to-day work. She decided to build something that would improve the lives of artisans around the world through micro-finance and craft revival, while at the same time, sharing with you the history and tradition that these crafts represent. In January 2013 she launched Parcel & Journey to connect skilled artisans with an opportunity to sell their handcrafted accessories online and in stores to an urban and fashion-forward audience. Parcel & Journey works as both a product development arm and a trade enabler. We utilize local materials and traditional processes to build a bridge from these communities to you, the socially conscious, style-craving free spirit.

A Letter from the Founder - 

"Parcel & Journey was born from my passion for exploration and travel, merged with a calling to weave altruism into my day-to-day work… I couldn’t ignore my passion for sharing the history, traditions and crafts of undiscovered artisans around the world. In January 2013, I started working on Parcel & Journey with the goal to create a lifestyle brand that would connect skilled artisans in marginalized communities with an opportunity to sell their crafts online to an urban and fashion-forward audience. I am determined to shine a light on the rare artistry found in various communities,to stimulate those local economies, all while providing customers with timeless, hand-selected items of impeccable quality and style. Every day is a new Journey and I am hopeful that Parcel & Journey will carve out an impactful footprint that will lead to an incredible destination for all."

Joanna Steinberg, Founder