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Parekh Bugbee 

A crossroads of elegance, simplicity and style, Parekh Bugbee furthers the adventure of vision into form by synchronizing exquisite print design with an infinite spectrum of homespun comfort.  Many journeys, one destination.  A place to wear the essence of inspiration right on the sleeve, or draped to perfection around the neck.  Drawing inspiration from Indian heritage and a lifetime of world travels, Parekh Bugbee is the expression of two visually-inspired individuals as they follow their bliss. An elegant twist on the Eastern-inspired silkscreen print...unfolding in the form of beautiful scarves, shawls, stoles, and clothing for women and men.

It was the same year the Beatles crossed the Atlantic to make their debut in America that a young man migrated to Mumbai from his northern Indian village in Gujurat. Starting out from a small cardboard box that served as his workbench, Bharat Parekh spent the next four decades surveying fine silk and purely blended fabrics, all the while developing his own mastery of color and silk screen printing.

From these studious and self-taught beginnings our father built KNPRINTS ~ a company that is now world class in textile design known across the Indian subcontinent and throughout European fashion sectors.  A brand synonymous with premium silk-screen elegance, KNPRINTS continues to cater to leading fashion designers the world over. 

As the next generation, we at Parekh Bugbee sit lovingly on broad shoulders and are proud to further Bharatbhai's vision and art by showcasing KNPRINTS exclusive limited edition designs in our seasonal collections of hand-printed scarves, shawls, stoles and pocket squares.


A Few Questions with Payal Parekh Bugbee


1)  What is your story as a designer?

I was born and raised in Mumbai.  India is awash in color and had my undivided attention early on as a young girl. The love of visual art took me to New York where I worked with commercial and fashion photographers while pursuing a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology.  After 10 years, I returned to India and began taking on assignments in the growing fashion industry in Mumbai.  While shooting for catalogs and fashion magazines I was exposed to a lot of garments and fabrics. None were as elegant or striking as those of my father’s printed silks, so I decided to become his understudy and soaked up everything I could about printing and design. Today my modus operandi is to take what I’ve learned from my father and carry the muse forward.  Whether it’s an elegant shawl or a summer pin-tuck pleated blouse, my aim is to combine classic evergreen styles with modern twists.  


2)  How did you start Parekh Bugbee?

I am from India and my husband is from the United States. We met in Thailand while we were both on business. My husband is a photojournalist who specializes in photographing eye surgery and curable blindness around the globe. Our personal connection is a direct product of our world travels. Once we were married, I started doing Pop-up stores and trunk show events in the states selling a small selection of handmade scarves, shawls and silk pocket squares.  Our brand name, Parekh Bugbee, is the combination of our last names, and symbolically, our two ‘worlds’ combined – East and West – the merging of our lives together.  We are both are equal partners. His world travels and my textile background come together to influence our collections and brand aesthetic. 


3)  What is the “vision” behind your brand? 

As a child, I spent a lot of time observing the work of my father, Bharat Parekh, a self-taught textile designer and manufacturer of premium fine-printed silks for the last 45 years.  At 17 years old, and without any formal training in textiles or design, he began his printing business literally from a cardboard box. Decades later he would receive world class recognition for his prints and design skill. This early exposure to meticulous craftsmanship, exquisite color combinations, and close observation of the art of traditional silkscreen printing in our family-owned factory has most definitely inspired my vision. 


Also, a huge part of the inspiration comes from the world travels that my husband and I have had and the people we have met. Fashion for us is not about status, or how expensive a product might be, but more about the story behind in the making of each individual product. We have a commitment to bringing forward the human dimension behind the clothing or accessory. Giving a spotlight to the beauty of the product, but also appreciating the work and skill that went in to making it.  Showing and knowing is what we like to call it.  In the current day, where mega machines are employed to secure profits and cut costs, there seems to be a real disconnect between clothing and the consumer.  We want to stay with the original story of true artisanship and maintain a transparent channel on the manufacturing process of our handcrafted wearable products.