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People Tree

Few brands are as trendy, original and committed to sustainable fashion as UK based People Tree. A pioneer in the sustainable fashion movement, People Tree started with a simple idea: “When you wear People Tree, you look good and feel good knowing your unique garment was made with respect for the people and planet.”

That simple promise has inspired many and caught the attention of actress and eco-activist Emma Watson, who joined People Tree in championing the cause of beautiful fair trade fashion. Led by their incredible founder Safia Minney, People Tree has partnered with Fair Trade artisans and farmers in the developing world for the last twenty years to produce a collection of ethical and eco fashion.  An alternative to fast fashion, People Tree makes beautiful garments that are a product of their values of transparency and trust. 20 years since Safia had a dream to slow down the fast fashion movement, People Tree continues to thrive by producing clothes that are handcrafted with organic cotton and sustainable materials by using traditional skills that support rural communities.


Emma Watson who collaborated and helped design three previous seasons of People Tree had this to say regarding the importance of Fair Trade. “Fair trade gives families the option to stay together, rather than one or both parents having to move to cities, and they are paid a fair wage,” she said in August 2010 after a tour of Swallows, a fair-trade women’s community in Thanapara that People Tree supports… “It empowers people and doesn’t take away their dignity.”

Here is a bit more about Fair Trade’s commitment to both Organic Cotton and Fair Trade:


While many fashion brands talk about corporate social responsibility or ethical fashion,People Tree goes further by following the principles of Fair Trade in every aspect of their business. All of People Tree’s products are made by artisans and producers who work to Fair Trade standards and in 2012 and 2013, People Tree piloted a case for certification for Fair Trade Manufacture under the World Fair Trade Organization.

Organic Cotton: People Tree developed the first integrated supply chain for organic cotton from farm to final product and were the first organization anywhere to achieve GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification on a supply chain entirely in the developing world.

Modavanti is thrilled to be partnering with People Tree and excited to help introduce one of Europe’s best brands to the United States and Canada.

Image Credit: People Tree