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Pima Doll

Pima Doll was started in response to founder Ashley Hamedi’s desire for a simple yet luxurious t-shirt. A t-shirt that could be worn for years and one that she would be proud wearing. A t-shirt that was 100% organic cotton and made fairly. In the three years since her first creation, Pima Doll has grown to represent so much more. It is still a luxury t-shirt made from the finest organic Peruvian Pima cotton that stays true to its roots. But for the Peruvian artisans that Ashley employs, Pima Doll represents opportunity, dignity, and a better life.

An apparel company dedicated to clear quality, the root of Pima Doll’s goodness, starts with the cotton. As evidenced by it’s name, Pima Doll only uses the finest ‘organic pima’ cotton from Peru. Ecologically grown, picked by hand and free of toxic pesticides, pima cotton not only is the softest purest cotton on the market, the organic fiber is also the healthiest for consumers. More durable than regular cotton, pima also has a smoother silkier finish to it and can be grown without any dangerous chemicals. A precious commodity, Ashley and her team are careful not to waste any of the trimmings and upcycle all scraps and leftover material to make new tees and tops. As Hamedi says “Pima Doll evolved from wanting to recycle the cotton from our jersey tops.” Being able to limit their waste made both economic, design and environmental sense.  It’s also what led her to meet Christina. After visiting a factory and examining the wasted cotton Hamedi knew she could improve efficiency and minimize waste. After researching the issue she met Christina, a knitter of 40 years who ran her own knitting business helping to employee 3,000 women in the community. Seeing the incredible difference that Pima Doll could make, Hamedi teamed up with Christina to further Pima Doll’s impact. Today Pima Doll is committed to bright, on trend knits from the finest cotton made entirely by hand that “support traditional craftsmanship, a community of knitters and their local economy.”

Modavanti is proud to feature a brand that embodies the mission of fashion that is good for you, good for others, good for the planet.