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Sea Kind

Sea Kind is a new woman owned, mission focused, brand founded in 2013 to create premium, natural, non-toxic skin care products utilizing powerful marine derived ingredients:  Luxurious premium products featuring Marine Actives™ ingredients providing superior skin conditioning at affordable prices.

Sea Kind believes that consumers have the power to change the world by the purchasing choices they make.

Consumer purchasing decisions drive what products companies will produce, what ingredients are accepted for use, where the products are produced, and what methods are used for production.

The food market has already begun to see this consumer driven revolution. There are now a variety of successful organic, local and sustainable practices in the food and beverage industries.

The skin care and personal products industry has been slow to adopt sustainable and natural practices. Consumers have not been widely informed regarding product ingredients, manufacturing methods and packaging practices. Part of the Sea Kind mission is to provide consumers with this information.

The Vision of Sea Kind is to be a leader among responsible skin care and personal product manufacturers. Sea Kind products will meet high standards of:

• Highly effective products.

• Natural, sustainable Marine Actives™ ingredients widely known to be extraordinarily beneficial to the skin and body.

• Packaged using materials which have been recycled or are readily recyclable.

• Made in the USA pursuant to the highest standards of quality and purity, requiring safe and fair working conditions, and which eliminate the need for overseas shipping decreasing the effects of ocean shipping pollution.