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Together California

Active Glam Wear, Made in the USA, Fairly Traded and Sustainable

From the moment partners Lily Chehrazi and Benedict Barrett met and fell wildly in love, they knew that true love was real and that what was created from this space would be magic. It is from this curious union that Together was hatched. Together combines Benedict’s hyper­-real photography, rooted in the mystic light of California, with Lily’s extensive background in New York City fashion (F.I.T, Issey Miyake, Lilly Pulitzer, Patricia Field) and funky  glamour. Their one ­of­ a kind prints are wearable art, the realization of this cross­ coastal explosion of culture  and creativity. With an insatiable lust for color, fun, and forward thinking, Lily and Benedict want to encourage fashion lovers and the fashion industry itself to be their best while still looking and feeling gorgeous. Out of their mutual respect for humanity and planet earth, Together is committed to provide clothing that is equally high-fashion and high-­tech. All products are created with the safest and most sustainable manufacturing techniques available without sacrificing style; these methods are reflective of the thoughtfulness and positive change that our current cultural and physical climate demands. Simply put, it's cool to care.  Together we can do more, be more and create more. Together with Together California we can shop responsibly and live colorfully.