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Under the Canopy 

UNDER THE CANOPY is the lifestyle brand for the conscious consumer. Its inspirational collections of contemporary apparel, home fashion, spa and hotel textiles, amenities, beauty and fragrance products demonstrate a deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility — combining style with substance.

Founded in 1996, Under the Canopy has pioneered the sustainable fashion movement under the guidance of ECOlifestyle expert, Marci Zaroff. Having coined the term, "ECOfashion,” Zaroff has become an internationally recognized authority, and was instrumental in the development of both the Global Organic Textile Standard, and the world’s first Fair Trade Textile Certification.

Under the Canopy’s eco-conscious collections offer customers a way to buy what they love — while making a difference to human health, social justice, and the environment.

Under the Canopy aims to drive consciousness and responsibility in the fashion and beauty industries by using style as a catalyst for positive change.

A deep commitment to minimizing social and environmental impact inspires us to explore innovative methods of production, reduce chemical waste, and maximize efficiencies in water and energy use. We utilize environmentally-friendly materials and are accountable to the highest practices of fair labor. Our journey toward social justice and worker welfare allows us to streamline our supply chain and provide affordable products that look good, feel good, and do good in the world.

Under the Canopy invites you to join them in the promise to protect human and planetary well-being – to empower people, planet, passion and purpose – and to support fashion with a future.