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Une Echarpe Une Vie collaborates with established grass rooted organizations who engage with local weavers in Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines, empowering women and improving lives.   These communities are responsible for creating "wearable works of arts."  They strive to grow their network of weaving communities around the globe thereby contributing to maintaining livelihoods and artisan skills imbedded in each culture.   Une Echarpe Une Vie works in designing luxury scarves, characterized by impeccable craftsmanship that has a meaning and purpose behind each one.  Their "Tribalux" pieces are luxury scarves with a tribal origin behind each one.  A woman weaver has dedicated weeks of her life to create every unique piece.  Each design is different depending on the provenance of the weaver, who weaves from memory, every scarf reflecting a life... une écharpe une vie....

The collection is made by hand, uses natural non toxic dyes, and uses organic cotton when possible.