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VBN is an contemporary clothing line that fosters the ideals of quality and style with a "naturally" conscious approach. As a company, VBN's goal is to be forward thinking environmentally, while still being fashion forward. VBN uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and has used production manufacturing processes to reduce CO2 emmissions by up to 90%
Sometimes there's a man...
That even a man thinks is a real cool man...
that's something you can't self apply.
What makes this distinguished gentleman unleash the essence of pure rad?
Like real radical.
Is it the way he conducts himself?
His swagger?
His 5 O' clock shadow?
or 1 am beard?
Maybe it's a mustache that stanks of mildew.
The way he swings an axe
Or how he builds a campfire from man wood.
But heck, I am not talking about country.
I am talking about what's behind every thread.
Every stitch.
Every cut.
Sometimes there's a man...
Be the VBN man...
Image Credit: VBN