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Whole Clarity 

Whole Clarity promotes beautiful skin AND a beautiful soul. With products and services that are crafted with one idea in mind: To create a more beautiful, conscious, mindful society through effective products and solutions, time proven information, and motivating, supportive events and workshops. 

The foundation of Whole Clarity can be summed up by this saying:

We believe in love. We believe in happiness. We believe in a higher consciousness and envision the world in balance and harmony. Please join us in our mission to raise the vibration of the planet through Whole Clarity. 


Changing the world is a collective effort! There’s a shift happening in the world today that’s incredibly exciting and we are passionate about supporting and motivating change in higher and more positive directions.

Whole Clarity provides highly effective, cruelty free, plant based skin care as one of their favorite vehicles for change. When our insides match our outside, MAGIC HAPPENS and who doesn't like magic?! 


About The Founder: 

Passionate about beauty, mindful living, meditation, and happiness.

Connie started Whole Clarity in May 2012 because she couldn't find plant based skin care products that worked.  She believes beauty should be fun, uplifting, harmonious and balanced and created the line with those concepts in mind.

Her favorite part about Whole Clarity is raising awareness about our health and our environment. It's time to take action, do things differently, and change the world for the better. It's her intention to bridge the gap between knowledge and application with Whole Clarity and provide beautiful, simple, and effective solutions.