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Wildlife Works

Wildlife Works' mission is to harness the power of the global consumer to create innovative and sustainable solutions for wildlife conservation.

We call it Consumer Powered Conservation.

When you buy a Wildlife Works product, you become an agent for conservation. You're wearing the brand that says you won't sit quietly  while the last wild things in the last wild places disappear forever.

The jobs Wildlife Works to create to make their products, and the money they invest into forest communities has a direct impact on saving endangered and threatened wildlife around the globe.

That's right, direct. There's no middleman or non-profit that the funds go through to get to where they are most needed.

It all started for Wildlife Works with their first proven project was at a wildlife in reserve in Kenya, the 80,000-acre Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary, which is now the heart of their 500,000 acre Kasigau Corridor REDD Project that protects an entire wildlife corridor between Tsavo East and West National Parks.

This flagship wilderness project now employs over 300 employees that include rangers, land managers, seamstresses and greenhouse workers, all hired locally.

Wildlife Works' EcoFactory (carbon neutral, of course) itself now employs over 50 local women and 5 local men who make our organic cotton fashion collection and other sustainable private label lines.

And while they were at it, Wildlife Works is building schools, funding scholarships, improving agricultural practices, providing health care and adding to the betterment of the community as a whole. These jobs have radically changed the way the local community views wildlife. Before Wildlife Works, they saw wildlife as either bush meat or money. They were poaching, clear-cutting and rapidly destroying their natural environment.

With Wildlife Works, they can earn enough to feed their families and send their children to school without killing wildlife or destroying their environment. The wildlife has become an asset to them worth much more alive than dead. Now that is using fashion for a positive impact!

Learn more about Wildlife Works organic carbon neutral supply chain here