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Wolven Threads 

Wolven Threads was founded with the belief that a yogi's clothing should share the same values as their practice: harmony, care, and awareness. Wolven Threads garments each have a chosen color pallet and sacred geometry imagery to help tune the wearer’s chakras during their yoga practice. 


Every garment Wolven Threads offers begins its life as a work of art. Kiran Jade, owner and designer, turns to the canvas in order to discover the forms and harmonies that will become Wolven Threads originals.  Kiran's paintings, which draw on the ancient patterns represented in sacred geometry, are the foundation of her creative process. After completing a painting she then seeks out the proper sustainable fabrics which are the best fit for the yogi's active lifestyle.

"At this point, I am no longer thinking about the painting as a stagnant object, but as a pattern that will drape a body."

 S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y

Wolven Threads garments are created from recycled P.E.T, a sustainable fabric created from P.E.T bottle recycling.  In creating recycled fabrics out of P.E.T. bottles, they help reduce the amount of plastic waste going into our precious earth's landfills. The process of recycling P.E.T requires 90% less water than the process of creating virgin polyester. 

C O M M U N I  T Y

For every sale, Wolven Threads donates 5% of our profit to UpRising Yoga, an organization dedicated to bringing the practice of Yoga to at-risk and incarcerated youth.  UpRising Yoga offers participants an opportunity to understand how yoga and mindfulness can be used as effective tools in coping with every aspect of life.