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Forskolin Herbal Supplement by Valia

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Derived from the root of the Coleus plant, Forskolin assists the body in breaking down stored human fat cells. Also works to release fatty acids from adipose tissue increasing the body's ability to metabolize fat cells

Our Forskolin is an all-natural extract designed to gradually increase our metabolism, burn fat, provide energy, and work to suppress cravings and appetite. A safe and natural appetite suppressant, Valia's Forskolin works to help people reach their weight loss goals.

Best used in tandem with Metabolize and Valia's Organic Vegan Protein Powder, Forskolin works to actively break down fat cells reducing fat around your waistline. Taken at the same time with Metabolize, combined they work to speed up the way the body metabolizes both fat cells and carbohydrates.

Most people trying to loose weight are concerned with the amount of fat they intake. Little do they know or realize that the amount of starch they are ingesting impacts their weight more.



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