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  • Dagger Earrings by UNA

    UNA's Dagger Earrings are subtle statement pieces that can work themselved into any outfit. These earrings were ...

  • Dagger Ring by UNA

    UNA's Dagger Ring is the classic ring with a twist,  easily worn solo or layered with other favorites.  Thi...

  • Archie Cuff Medium-Gold  by Numa

    This architectural cuff looks perfect on the skin or even over a sleeve.  Its sophisticated and modern elements ...

  • Wrist Cuff by UNA

    UNA's Wrist Cuff is a timeless piece that was created from the recycled remnants of war in Cambodia, create...

  • Apex Ring by UNA

    UNA's Apex Ring is a uniquely designed piece of jewelry that was created from the recycled remnants of war in Ca...

  • Free Bird Palm Cuff by UNA

    UNA's Free Bird Palm Cuff is a dramatic twist on hand jewelry, a real statement and conversation piece.  It was ...

  • Gold Bar Earrings by UNA

    These earrings add interest to your ears, being both classic and edgy at once.  They are created by artisans exp...

  • Hex Ring by UNA

    UNA's Hex Ring is a classic, timeless piece,  easily worn solo or layered with other favorites.  This ring ...

  • Infinity Cuff by UNA

    This cuff makes for a strong and versatile statement piece. It is created by artisans expertly handcrafting  jew...

  • Much Necklace Gold by Numa

    The Much necklace by Numa is an impressive yet understated bib necklace that can take you from office to party, from ...

  • Truce Ring by UNA

    UNA's Truce Ring has an elegant timeless design, easily worn everyday. This ring was created by artisans using m...

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