Ads Blocking on YouTube – Best Ad Blocking apps for Android in 2023

by Claire Berry

Youtube Advertisements can be intolerable for everyone. These advertisements can be disturbing and unnecessary. Youtube shows hundreds of ads; they are sponsored or banner ads. These ads can create an annoyance when they interrupt your videos or movies. These ads can lay a negative effect on a person. And can force them to hate the particular thing which they have never come across. These ads play a vital role for the content creators. As this is the income source for the Youtubers. These apps work fine and do not root your phone. Google provides ads which are users interest-based. They are less intruding and intolerable. Here we will discuss some of the ad-blockers. That will be helpful to stop unwanted ads on youtube for your android devices. These apps are impartial, and they will be secure applications for your devices. Also, they will give a better, free of interruption experience using YouTube

Top AD BLOCKERS for Youtube

Top AD BLOCKERS for Youtube
Top AD BLOCKERS for Youtube

YouTube Vanced (Premium) - YouTube Ad Blocker

YouTube Vanced (Premium)
YouTube Vanced (Premium)

It is a famous YouTube application. It has all the characteristics that the YouTube premium offers. It gives a high-quality experience, which is more useful than the original form. It has a similar UI and application design. alongside strong characteristics such as:

  • Video and Audio downloads with several resolutions,
  • playing in the Background and
  • dark mode,

within the device storage. This application has all the key factors which the original YouTube application has. You can log in with your Google Account and can even sync all your data to keep it safe.

Characteristics of YouTube Vanced app:

  • Complete blocking of video ads,
  • Play in the Background sanctioned,
  • Video quality can be set on your preference,
  • Allow/ Block notations, Allow/ Block motion cards on videos,
  • Light / Dark modes available

AdClear - YouTube Ad Blocker


AdClear is a non-rooting, advertisement clearing application. XDA Developers develop AdClear. It creates a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your Android device. Which clears all the ad hold-ups before it gets to you through the web or in the application. It also clears encoded advertisements. The best part of AdClear is that it blocks all the intruding and not- intruding advertisements on any application. This app is operative on both wifi networks and mobile data.

Characteristics of AdClear:

  • Encoded advertisements are blocked,
  • Blocking of the ads in applications,
  • App filtering selectively,
  • Several Browser supportive,
  • Non-rooting application,
  • Blocked Advertisements are log off.

Ad Blocker For Android - YouTube Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker For Android
Ad Blocker For Android

Ad Blocker for Android is a significant way to remove intolerable advertisements. in applications such as:

  • Youtube,
  • Facebook, and
  • Chrome Browser, etc.

Ad Blocker for Android is capable of blocking all types of ads.

It includes:

  • popups,
  • video advertisements which are played automatically,
  • banners,
  • text advertisements and
  • audio advertisements.

It can clear intruding ads. This can help in loading pages fast when they are connected to slower connections. And it also improves battery life. It is necessary for all android users. It also offers secure browsing.

OG YouTube - YouTube Ad Blocker

OG YouTube
OG YouTube

It is a famous YouTube up to date app. It has the same user Interface as the YouTube app with few additionals characteristics. You can log in with your Google account and can sync your data to keep your information safe. OG youtube provides additional components such as:

  • Installing Videos with non-similar resolutions,
  • Built-in AdBlocker,
  • Playing in Background,
  • Pop up Windows,
  • dark modes, etc.

You can operate this app side by side to the official YouTube app. This application is very secure that it does not require a rooted device. When you are functioning other applications besides playing videos, this app becomes very easy to use as you can multitask with it.

Characteristics Of Og YouTube App:

  • Functions as YouTube,
  • Downloading of Videos with the desired Quality,
  • Rooted device not necessary,
  • Play videos in Background,
  • Free from Advertisements,
  • Multitasking,
  • YouTube Dark Mode enabled,
  • Supports Android 4.4+ and is a highly secured app,
  • Run alongside YouTube.

DNS66 - YouTube Ad Blocker


It is a famous android Ad Blocker for Android. It functions on the idea of storing and creating an encoded server which clears all sorts of Ads like:

  • intruding ads,
  • Pop up ads,
  • Banners,
  • Not intruding ads,
  • Web ads,
  • application ads, etc.

DNS66 functions not only to block YouTube Ads but for all the other web browsers and applications. To operate it, you will have to install it through the given link. After launching the app, click on the Domain Filters. Next, Adaway Host Files is to be click. Then tap on the power button on the app screen and install any misplaced file if prompt. You are Done. The adblocker is ready to use. It will also keep your privacy at maximum security. It has several options, which include:

  • Ad Tracker Host,
  • DNS Host, and
  • Malware Host, etc.

DNS66 can restrict advertisements that come directly from Google Servers.

Free AdBlocker Browser - YouTube Ad Blocker

Free AdBlocker Browser
Free AdBlocker Browser

It is developed by Rocketshield Inc. the main motive of this application is to block the irritating ads on your Android. It clears the web ads and other intruding tracking ads. If you want an ad-free website experience, you can use this Browser. You can also operate YouTue through this Browser to improve your watch, and you can even enjoy quick and highly secured browsing. This Browser has the ability to stop all kinds of ads, which are:

  • inclusive of banners,
  • popups,
  • text ads,
  • video ads and many others.

Free AdBlocker Browser will help you in improving your battery life and make browsing secure. Ads blocking will increase privacy. This is the best Browser if you are finding all in one and ad-free Browser.

NewPipe - YouTube Ad Blocker


It is a lightweight, Opensource freeware substitute for YouTube application. It has leading end YouTube User Interface. It can work using Google Play Services. This application gathers YouTube site URL sources and presents them in the form of the application. Besides this, NewPipe is a reliable application for the cheap devices which have limited sources.

Characteristics of the NewPipe Application:

  • Functions without Google Play Services,
  • You can adjust the Quality of the video,
  • Download audio and video with several non-similar resolutions,
  • For multitasking, video can be played as a Popup box,
  • Background video play option,
  • Occupy low storage and RAM.

TubeMate - YouTube Ad Blocker


It is the most significant YouTube download Video application for Android. The only difference you will find is that TubeMate has a different User Interference and design than the actual YouTube application. TubeMate is not a substitute for YouTube but an entirely different form. It has an alternative to removing advertisements on YouTube. You have to copy the URL of a video from Youtube and look for it on TubeMate. You can also look for Videos from other networks such as Dailymotion, Instagram, Vimeo, and many more. This application comes with many different characteristics such as pause or resumes downloading items, downloading in the Background, several downloads at once, built-in player, etc.

Characteristics of TubeMate:

  • To save videos on the device, change of the location,
  • Creating your playlists and playing them through built-in media player,
  • Downloading of multiple videos quickly,
  • Files conversion into required formats,
  • MP4, FLV and AAC forms accepted,
  • Download technology is enhanced.

How to Block ads on Android Browser?

Many browsers, as well as Chrome, has a built-in blocking option. You can generally look for it in the advanced setting of your device. Once you can locate it, you are good to get going with the primary standard of security. The location of the toggle can differ from Chrome to other browsers. Several manufacturers of Android will have built-in options. So, before turning to any sources, always check your device browser or settings it may have this option built-in.

Another thing that is important to discuss is that all the ad blockers apps are anti-virus software. Most of them have a specific characteristic of removings ads or popup blocking. You have to explore it and check if its free of cost genuinely. If you want all in one solution, consider Outlook.


These are some of the most excellent applications that you can use to restrict advertisements on YouTube. You can install the apps directly or get help from the minor party Ads Blockers. OG Youtube is the branch of the YouTube application. DNS66 is used on Android devices to clear ads. Whereas, Newpipe is the front side YouTube application with some peculiar characteristics besides advertisements restriction. Android users can now easily enjoy videos on Youtube and other browsers through these Ads Blocking apps. Which can help save their time and can provide them quality content without any hassle. Blocking ads is not illegal, but as many content creators rely on the revenues of these ads, and as we prevent them, the content creators do not get paid. Advertisements can sometimes be protruding, and when this happens, you can count on any of the above-listed applications and get rid of them. You can enjoy uninterrupted features on Android by using any of the apps, as mentioned earlier.

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