Importance of Bank Identification Number (BIN) and Best BIN Checkers

by Claire Berry

The first set of four to six numbers that appear on your payment card is known as the Bank Identification Number or BIN.

This arrangement of numbers recognizes the organization that gives the card and is key during the time spent coordinating transactions to the issuer of the charge card. The numbering framework applies to MasterCard, charge cards, electronic benefit cards, gift vouchers, check cards, and prepaid cards.

Importance of Bank Identification Number (BIN)

The BIN distinguishes the guarantor of the card. This guarantor or issuer gets the approval demand for the exchange/transaction to check if the card as well as the related record are substantial and whether the buy sum is accessible. This procedure brings about access being either granted or denied . Without a BIN generation , the Visa preparing framework would not be able to decide the origin of the client's assets and would not be able to finish the transaction . Developed by the International Organization for Standardization , the main purpose of a BIN was to help in distinguishing any potential security breaks or wholesale fraud . It looks at the genuine information of the cardholder with the card information.

The following graph represents the stats of fraud related to credit cards that happened in recent years:

Importance of BankIdentification Number (BIN)
Importance of Bank Identification Number (BIN)

Example of Bank Identification Number (BIN)

Suppose the client utilizes their bank card at the gas station when they top off their vehicle's tank. When they swipe the card, the framework checks the BIN to recognize the particular establishment that gave the card; card issuer . An approval demand is put for the client. The verification request is approved within a couple of moments, and the transaction is approved if the assets are accessible, or declined if the client needs more funds to cover the amount .

What is a BIN Checker?

By the chance, if you are a dealer, at that point you should check the BIN of your customers , frequently. Tax criminals and fraudsters are continually searching for sluggish vendors. Charge card cheats are getting more normalized in the present-day world. It is anything but difficult to submit Mastercard frauds if the shipper is sluggish.

You can make use of a BIN checker to check your client's BIN number. The BIN checker will initially confirm the BIN . On the off chance that the BIN isn't legitimate , at that point, it will dismiss it . From that point forward, it will look through the BIN number in the top-notch BIN database. Ultimately, it will restore all the information about the BIN. You will become more acquainted with the bank guarantor's name, card type, card number, card giving nation, plan, and money . In this way, you can coordinate this data with the data provided by your client. On the off chance that the subject has given wrong data, at that point, he is likely to be a fraudster.

Why is it Important to have a BIN Checker?

Considering how common the fraudulent has become in today's world, a BIN checker is used to make sure that such activities are prevented. If you need to make sure about the prevention of your site from misrepresentation of transactions, at that point, you should utilize a BIN checker. You can coordinate BIN checker API with your site installment framework. Before handling any exchange, the BIN checker will coordinate the subtleties submitted by the client through the database. if the given details aren't right, the transaction will get dropped.

The Best Bank Identification Number Checkers

The Best BankIdentification Number Checkers
The Best Bank Identification Number Checkers

If you are interested in getting a BIN checker, then stop wondering about which one, because, in this guide, we are going to share a list of the best BIN checkers with you.

Let's get started!

1. IINBinList

IINBinList has an extremely basic interface that is also user-friendly. You can use it very easily without having to understand any tough tricks and techniques. To utilize this Bin checker , first, you need to open this site in your internet browser . From that point forward, you have to enter the initial 8 digits of your card number . You will get all the BIN data about the charge card number you entered. You will become more acquainted with the card type, card organization, card nation, bank name, and card number length.

In case you are a merchant, at that point, you can contrast this data and the data given by the client. They additionally give an open-source JavaScript content for site owners on the web. You can include the API in your site to make the exchange system work smoother .

2. Dev's BIN Checker

ExactBins is ideal for vendors. If you need to make sure that your site is safe from fraud transaction procedures, then this website is ideal for you. This site will give you a precise charge card BIN database . You can utilize this database to check the validity of any transaction . If the detailed information given by the client isn't right and valid, at that point, you can drop the exchange and pause the transaction. ExactBins has an excess of 324000 BIN numbers in its database. Their database was last refreshed in April 2023 ; quite recently. They update their database consistently. Accordingly, you don't need to stress over an obsolete database. You can utilize the BIN query to get data like card type (Credit/Charge/Debit), card brand (Visa, AmEx, and so forth) and card subtype (Business, Classic, Gift, and so forth).

3. FreeBINChecker

FreeBINChecker is a user-friendly interface that gives you premium help to checking any Bank Identification Number. You have to enter the initial six digits of your card number . The site will look for the BIN in its database. They update their database very frequently. Henceforth, they have the most refreshed database in the market. They have more than 600,000+ BIN records in their database.

You can likewise get the API to incorporate it with your site . After coordinating this API, you don't need to stress over transactions turning out to be a fraud. The API will think about the data submitted to you by the client. If a harmful threat is detected, the transaction will be canceled.

4. BankBINList

BankBinList has a count of 340,000 BINs in its database. Their database was last refreshed in February 2023 . They update their database every 2-3 months. Subsequently, they have an exceptionally modern database . They have invested a great deal of their energy in making their database. In the first place, they interface the information from different online sources . furthermore, they sift through the futile information from the database . In conclusion, they refine the data gathered to expand the precision, relevancy, and accuracy of their database.

You can likewise download your BIN information from this site . You can send out your BIN information in .doc or.pdf group. They likewise offer their API to different organizations and sites .

As much as they try their best to offer their upfront, the best of the best services to its users, 100% safety still cannot be guaranteed . There is always a little chance of insecurity left.

Moreover, you can make use of their Advanced BIN service for checking a BIN. In Advanced BIN checker you have to include your card Vendor's name. You likewise need to enter the kind of card, level of the card, and your nation.

5. BINChecker

BINChecker has a very much organized database. It can restore any question in a couple of moments seconds. It has numerous great highlights like every day updates, an enormous database, and simple parsed . The database given by this site is extremely exact. You can likewise purchase the API from their site . In the wake of incorporating this API with your site, your installment procedure will get more secure . You don't need to stress over false exchanges, fraud transactions.

6. BINCodes

This website is intended to check the presence of a Bank Identification Number (BIN) base on a refreshed database. As of now, there are over 300,000 BINs in its database .

It is accommodated instructive purposes as it were. While each exertion is made to give exact information, clients must recognize that this site acknowledges no obligation at all for its precision and accuracy. Just your bank can affirm the right financial balance data . If you are making a significant installment, which is time-basic, we suggest reaching your bank first.

What is the BIN API?

What is the BIN API?
What is the BIN API?

If you want to travel from one city to another or anywhere in the world, the first practical step that you will take after finalizing the basics is book your seat on your preferred airlines. Here, let's take the example of Emirates Airlines . When you search on Google to book a flight on Emirates Airlines, apart from the official website, you will see various other links as well that will be offering to do the same for you, despite being a third-party website , for example, Yatra.

It doesn't matter if you have booked the flight by using a third-party server , your seat will be confirmed on the same, original Emirates Airlines.

If we relate this example with our topic, Yatra will be our API . That's how API works. It is a computing interface that seamlessly connects you to another online software .

Abbreviated as "Application Programming Interface, " API enables a programmer to interact with an external system .


The purpose behind writing this guide is to make you aware of the best BIN checkers that you can use to keep yourself away from getting scammed.

If you found this guide helpful, share it with your friends and family now !

Thank you!

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