Best Apps to Hide Messages on Android in 2023

by Claire Berry

Conversation between friends and family has been made easier with the advent of various messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook, and Viber. Messages exchanged via these platforms may be confidential and also contains sensitive information that like One-Time Password , Authentication Code , and other private messages. Hence, there is a need to keep them private from intruders that delight in playing around with your smartphone. One of the ways of doing that is the use of a message hiding app .

Summary of Best Apps to Hide Messages on Android in 2023

The table below summarizes the features of the message hiding apps discussed above.

Apps Features
  1. It can hide your contacts, recordings, photos, and call logs.
  2. You can set digits PIN or password.
  3. It backup your files in the cloud.
  4. It takes a snapshot of intruders.
  5. It has both a free and premium version.
Message Locker
  1. It locks messaging apps like Telegram, Facebook, Skype, and Whatsapp.
  2. You can set a password or pattern.
  3. It has a fascinating interface.
  4. It has a security question that reminds the password when you forget.
Calculator Pro +
  1. It can hide your messages, MMS, filter, and block all spam calls.
  2. You can customize your text notifications.
  3. You can set a password to keep access to the app private.
Private Message Box
  1. It can hide your messages, images, recordings, and audios.
  2. You can set a timer with the app.
  3. you can create a password to secure the app.
Go SMS Pro
  1. It can be used to hide text messages, messaging apps, and contacts.
  2. Files can be backed up in the cloud.
  3. you can personalize themes.
    it has Go chat, private box, sticky conversation, and SMS blocker.
Private SMS and Call
  1. It creates a PrivateSpace.
  2. You can hide your messages and contacts.
  3. You can create a password or PIN.
  4. It gives notifications on new messages or sends dummy messages.
SMS LockYou can set a password to secure the app.
  1. It looks more like a calculator.
  2. It can hide both messages and contacts.
Privacy Messenger
  1. It backs up and restores your hidden messages.
  2. It has an SMS blocker and a Private box feature.
  3. It has delay SMS and Schedules SMS functions.

Best Android Apps to Hide Messages in 2023

These apps can help you hide your messages and keep them private as much as you want. Today, I will be discussing explicitly the various message hiding apps you can use on your Android smartphone in 2023.

1. Vault - Hide Message App Link


Vault is an amazing app that is designed to help you maintain the needed privacy of content in your messages. You can use the app to hide your text messages and other messaging apps from a friend that delight in accessing your smartphone in your absence. Apart from messages, the app also hides your contacts, recordings, photos , and call logs . All you need to do to secure the app is to register your preferred digits PIN or password . The Vault app hide your messages safely and can only be seen when you input the password set for the app. The Vault app has a backup of your files in the cloud. The app has both free and premium versions. In the premium version , you are allowed to hide as many apps as possible. The free version has restrictions on the number of apps you can hide. However, if an intruder tries to access your hidden message by typing a wrong password, a selfie of the person will be taken. This will unveil the intruder's identity to you. Also, the Vault icon does not show on the list of apps in your smartphone making it unsuspected by intruders. You can download the Vault app on Google play store .

For more information about Vault app, kindly visit the video below

2. Message Locker - Hide Message App Link


Message Locker is an excellent app designed to help you keep your message details and notifications private . The app also locks all messaging apps like Telegram, Facebook, Skype, and Whatsapp . It can also be used to hide email apps . All you need to do is to download the app from the Google play store. It has a unique feature that allows you to create a password or pattern to completely secure the app. The Pin or Pattern can be used to unlock the app anytime you wish to use it. When you forget your password, the app has a security question through which you can remember the password. The Message Locker app is safer, easy to use with an amazing interface. You can hide your apps by tapping the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. When you are done using any of the apps that have been hidden, you can tap the lock icon to lock the app.

Visit the video below to learn more about Message Locker.

3. Calculator Pro + - Hide Message App Link

CalculatorPro +
CalculatorPro +

Calculator Pro + is an amazing app created to help smartphone users hide their messages and messaging apps. The app also hides your MMS, filter, and block all spam calls . Calculator Pro + can also be used to hide all app icons on your smartphone. With Calculator Pro +, you can customize your text notifications and icons for your private messages. The app also provides an auto backup for your messages and other hidden apps. You can secure the Calculator Pro + by creating a password that will only be known by you.

4. Private Message Box - Hide Message App Link

PrivateMessage Box
PrivateMessage Box

When you need an efficient app that can be used to hide your messages, you can choose the Private Message Box app. The app also hides your images, recordings, and audios in a specific file that can be located easily. The Private Message Box app can be is accessible from any of your phone browsers. Also, the app allows you to have access to set a timer to lock the application after it has been used. Furthermore, you can secure access to the app and keep it safe from intruders by creating a password . The password will be entered anytime you want to access the app. Do you want to have a great experience of using a message hiding app, you can download the app from the Google play store .

Visit the video below for more information

5. Go SMS Pro - Hide Message App Link


Go SMS Pro is a popular message hiding app with over 100 million users all over the world. The app can be used to hide text messages, messaging apps, and contacts . Go SMS Pro has a lot of personalized themes and fascinating stickers . Also, the app offers a cloud storage opportunity for users. This will enable you to have a secured back up for your hidden files. The app has a simple and easy to use interface. Furthermore, the Go SMS Pro has unique features like Go chat, private box, sticky conversation, and SMS blocker . You can secure the app by setting a secured password for it. Wanting to have a feel of the Go SMS Pro, you can download it from the Google play store.

6. Private SMS and Call - Hide Message App Link

PrivateSMS and Call
PrivateSMS and Call

This is a unique app that creates a space for the storage of your hidden messages. The space created is called PrivateSpace . The process of setting up the space is simple and easy to follow. The process is followed by the creation of a password or PIN . The pin is used to secure the created space from activities of intruders on your smartphone. The app works by importing your contacts and labeling them as private such that any message sent by these contacts will be tagged private. Also, messages sent to the contacts will be hidden. Then a dummy message will be saved in your message inbox. The app also alerts you when you have a new message with a customized ringtone . You can also be alerted with a dummy message .

7. SMS Lock - Hide Message App Link


The SMS Lock is another message hiding app with unique features that help users hide their messages safely and securely. Your messages are not hidden in the app. Instead, it locks the text messaging apps on your smartphone. All you need to do is to create a password or PIN for the messaging app. At any time you want to read or send messages on your smartphone, you will enter the password or PIN to gain access to reading the messages.

Learn more about SMS Lock app in the video below

8. Calculator - Hide Message App Link


The calculator is a great app that efficiently hides all your messaging apps with ease. The app can be used to hide your call logs, contact, and messages . The outlook of the app is more like a calculator which makes it a bit deceptive to intruders thinking that is a calculator. However, it performs Vault-like functions. For you to access the message hiding features of the app, you need to enter 123+= in the Calculator like surface. Then you can add all the contacts you want to hide. Once messages are sent or received from this contact, they are hidden and can only be accessed by you.

Visit the video below for more details about the Calculator app

9. Privacy Messenger - Hide Message App Link


Privacy Messenger is an app that can be used to keep your messages private by hiding them. The app has unique features that help you back up and restore your hidden messages. It also has Android wear compatibility . The Privacy Messenger app has an SMS blocker and Private box functionalities. Furthermore, the app has delay SMS and Schedule SMS features. You can download the Privacy Messenger app from the Google play store .


Messages contain important content that must be kept private. The apps discussed here are efficient and safer to use. You can download any of them to enjoy their message hiding features.

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