Best Photo/Image Viewers for Windows10 PC in 2023

by Claire Berry

For anyone making use of the new Windows 10. You might have experience some of the drawbacks that comes with its photo viewer. Drawbacks like, taking time to load an image. It can't open all kind of format of image files. The editing tools available are limited in number, though these tools are great but not really used.

A Need for a Good Photo/Image Viewers for Windows10 PC

As we all know photography is a way, in which we humans documents moments that will forced linger on in memory. We use it to share of life story of what had happened in the past. We tend to want to save them on our PC as backup just incase. Sometimes we leave it on our mobile devices and share to the world.

Today we will discuss about the various kind of software programs for viewing photos on Windows 10. Though, the operating system comes with its own in-built photo viewer. But we do have much better software and interesting as well.

This article aims to share different programs and softwares you can use. These include the following below.

But before then, let's talk about setting up these software as default program.

Setting up a Default Photo Viewer

  • After installation, you need to make this third party app your default photo viewing app. So how you go about it ?
  • Firstly, you open your Windows explorer page, ho to the search bar. Then afterwards, type default while clicking on it.
  • Next, it takes you to Default Apps setting, look for Photos. Select your preferred Photo viewer as default. Then that's all.

Best Photo Viewerss for Windows 10

1. Windows Photo Viewer

This is one that has always been in the Windows association from day 1. Previously called as Windows Picture and FAX Viewer. Before settling on Windows Photo Viewer. It was replaced by the time Windows 10 rolled out into stores. But one thing is, it was never removed from every Windows software. The developers were kind enough to leave it in Windows 10. So you can still get to the file and make use of these software. Though, before you can get this working. You need to do a little tweaking on your PC. I will advice you avoid editing them manually from your PC. Reason, you should download something to do it for you. The.reg files should do the magic for you.

Pros of Using This Software

  • It has a slick layout, slick design, and a user friendly interface.
  • File format it works with includes the following; TIFF, PNG, JPEG, BMP etc.

Cons of Using This Software

  • The native editing function causes a reduction in size.
  • It doesn't work with all image formats like GIFs file.

How do you get this Program to Start Working again

1. If your PC is running on Windows 10 version, then this information is for you. Go to setting, you will find this program there lying in wait in the Default Apps section. This is for individuals who upgraded to Windows 10.

2. But if your PC comes with a preinstalled Windows 10 version, then you will adhere and follow these steps;

3. You need to download a registry file for the program called the Windows photo viewer.

4. Then, comes the extraction. With your mouse, double click on the 'Activate Windows Photo Viewer. Which is usually found in the Windows 10 file.

5. After all is said and done, reboot your computer and enjoy this amazing program.

2. IrfanView - Image Viewer Link


One of the most used and popular program or software you can find around. If I am to pick one software to use, I am picking this for sure. Named after the famous creator Irfan Sklijan. It is also a free app to make use of as a user. It is a lightweight program and supports lots of different formats of image file.

We know about users that are not into large bulky programs. They want to keep it simple and maintain the main function of the program. Just view your image and that's all. You can easily share all your images to your friend and family on social media.

If you are one of these set of users, then this program is the best for you. It is everything you can think of when looking for the best Photo Viewer. Simple, Lightweight, and powerful. It has lots of amazing editing features.

Features of Irfan View

It is a program that is very well optimized to perform better. It has a size of just over 2MB. It's not only a photo viewing tool, but has some extra cool tools. Tools like supporting OCR to read text on any kind of image file. Export of edited file images. You can add colors to your picture. Make use of fun tools like watermark and filters.

Pros of using this software

  • It is lightweight. It is easy to use and easy to navigate around.
  • Versatile file format base and can easily handle huge RAW images
  • It offers supports to more than 60 plugins
  • Types of Format you can view TGA, PDF, ICO, EMF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, Flash, Ogg, Text files, PCX, FSH, and ECW

Cons of using this software

  • It doesnt have the best of User Interface. It is too simple.
  • Scrolling through the different folders can be annoying to users. Though you can easily fix it yourself by going to setting of the program.

3. HoneyView - Image Viewer Link


Well, when we talk about basic program. This is one of the best basic apps out there. It shares lot of similarities to the normal Windows Photo Viewer. Similarities in functions and features. Though it supports more image format like GIF, JPEG, BMP and etc.

As a user, sometimes all you seek is a program. That is, simple, easy to use, quick and allows a large variety of image format. You can do some basic editing with the program and save those images on your PC.

If all these sounds like a program that will interest you, then HoneyView is the answer. It might look simple to the eyes of the users who work with HD photo editing programs. It gets your job efficiently, and it is reliable option to use. Is that not what we seek for in a program ?.

Features of this software

Gives users freedom to perform some specific functions on images that others don't. Functions like rotation of image and resizing of image. You can also bookmark your images for later use and reference. It basically offers some features known to PhotoShop and Paint.

Pros of using this software

  • It is easy to use. Easy to navigate around. A friendly interface for users. And it has a slick layout design.
  • Available in different format PSD, GIF, JPG, BMP and PNG.

Cons of using this software

  • It lacks some in-built editing tools that are quite important.

4. ImageGlass - Image Viewer Link


Another modern day, lightweight Photo Viewer. The imageglass is one that really strikes out from the rest of the gang. It has a unique modern user interface. Which strikes out differently from others.

Features of this software

This program allows users to view images packed in a folder as a slideshow. It is quite simple, efficient and useful. Though, when compared to Windows Photo Viewer it is still behind it. One unique feature of the program. It allows users link with different image editors softwares. Examples include Photoshop, Corel Draw and etc. It support pretty much every form of image file format.

Pros of using this software

  • Slideshow of images
  • Available in the following format: TIFF, GIF, JPG, WEBP,BMP and 73+ image formats.

Cons of using this software

  • They don't have an inbuilt editing tool.

5. FastStone Image Viewer - Image Viewer Link

FastStoneImage Viewer
FastStoneImage Viewer

Another lightweight program for Photo Viewing for Windows 10. It is the FastStone Image Viewer. It supports multiple language and has a slideshow function. This slideshow function is different from the one discussed above. It has many impressive and attractive slideshow option. It allows you to upload your image files and edit them anyhow you wish.

Thanks to this program, that supports countless of varying file formats. You can do anything you like. Opening any image you wish to just became easier. In short, you can open, edit, and view raw image files that your camera offers. Making it easier and faster to save on your PC.

Features of this software

It is known to provide support to multi-monitor configuration. This comes in handy if you are working with a huge number of images. It provides support to viewing, coverting and renaming files in batch. And lastly, you can run the program through a flashdrive.

Pros of using this software

  • Allows users to rename and convert image files in batch.
  • Provides users with Email sharing option.
  • Available in different format like: PCX, WMF, BMP, TIFF, ICO, TGA, PCX, JPEG, JPEG 2000 and RAW

Cons of using this software

  • It has a slow thumbnail generation
  • The scrolling is slow and sometimes annoying.

In conclusion

These are the best Photo viewers for Windows 10 users. They are lightweight, efficient and reliable. With these programs you have issue with viewing photos. Thank You for Reading!!!

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