How To Detect Keylogger

Remove It From Computer

by Claire Berry

We will be exposing you to the sample and easiest ways on how to detect and remove Keyloggers from your computer. In addition to this, you will get to know the following listed below about Keyloggers, in case you have lesser or no knowledge about what it is before now.

Here is the list of what you will get to know about Keyloggers:

1. What is Keylogger?

Keylogger is spyware that falls under the types of malware. It records actions of your keyboard strokes and mouse clicks by collecting the information in a file or programmed server and send it to the one who installs it or ensure it gets into your computer, by whatever means that was devised.

2. Types Of Keyloggers

Generally, Keyloggers can be grouped into two types. Which are;

· Hardware Keyloggers

· Software Keyloggers

Hardware Keyloggers

This type of Keyloggers comes as hardware devices. They are plugged or placed in your computer either through the USB ports or a spot that it can easily record your keystrokes or clicking activities on your computer.

Software Keyloggers

These types of Keyloggers are programmed and installed on your computers. They run as background processes in your operating system. And they collect your keyboard strokes introduction and send it to the designated address which could be to a mailbox.

Some examples of Keyloggers software out there are:

  1. All In One Keylogger
  2. Ardamax Keylogger
  3. Invisible Stealth
  4. KeyloggerPerfect Keylogger

3 Purpose/function of Keyloggers On Your Computer.

Keyloggers can be of legal usage by an organization to monitor workers' operations. Parents can installed it on their children's pc to surveil the activities of their children on the internet. And schools can use it for surveillances on the students or staffs.

While the illegal usage of Keyloggers is mostly by hackers to have access to the following information of yours:

§ Your personal information

§ Passwords and login details online

§ Credit card details

§ Bank account details

§ Documents details

§ Web browsing history

§ Chat history Etc.

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4. Possible Effects Of Keylogger On Your Computer

You can trace the effect of Keyloggers if on your computer to the following

· Slow performance of your computer

· Appearance system icons trays

· Unusual typing output.

· Heavy network usage

5. How Keyloggers Can Get Into Your Computer

There are different ways in which Keyloggers can get into your computer.

Here is a list of possible ways

  • Through shared network
  • Through public serve usage
  • Through downloads of infected packages
  • Through online add-ons that contain programmed Keyloggers
  • Installed at your absence
  • Installed by administrators or developers in case of surveillance or legal monitoring

6 How To Detect Keyloggers

Here are the most simple and easiest ways to detect Keyloggers

I. Launch the Task Manager.

Follow the steps below to launch your Task Manager :

  • Press the SHIFT + ALT + DELETE keys on your keyboard.
  • After a window pops up, choose the Task Manager from the list that shows up.

Then a page like this comes up

6 How To Detect Keyloggers
6 How To Detect Keyloggers
  • Take a close look at the list of apps that displays and check for any apps you did not install. If there is any, click on it and then click on the end task at the bottom right edge.

II. Also, scroll down to the list of the background process , and take a close check of the list to see if there is any strange or uninstalled app by you. Follow the same process of click and end task as mentioned above.

6 How To Detect Keyloggers
6 How To Detect Keyloggers

III. Click on startup bar and take a check on the list of startup apps, since Keyloggers have to be active to operate, which means they could be on the startup apps. If you find an app not supposed to be on the list or that you did not install, click on DISABLE .

6 How To Detect Keyloggers
6 How To Detect Keyloggers

IV. You can likewise check your internet use report. For Windows OS, click BOTH Window button and LETTER "I" . The settings page will pop up, then choose NETWORK AND INTERNET and then click the Data usage option and check the information to have a list of programs that uses the internet. Observe the names for strange ones, use can employ online search for those you are not familiar with that may be a Keylogger.

Take a look on your browser apps extensions , if you found any extension you didn't install or recall doing so, disable it.

Perform similar checks on your other browser extensions. Look through the extensions and disable any that you don't remember installing or that you never use.

Easy way to access your browser extensions:

Type inside the address space the following as applied to your browser

  • for Chrome: input - chrome://extensions
  • for Firefox: input - about:addons
  • for Safari: click Preferences from the menu and select on Extensions
  • for Microsoft Edge: select Extensions in the browser menu
  • for Opera: click on Extensions in the menu and then select Manage Extensions
  • for Internet Explorer: select Manage add-ons in the Tools menu

You can check out this Youtube video for more

7. How To Remove Keyloggers

Through Installed Programs

Keyloggers at times can be located among the installed programs

Follow this process to check and remove them

1. Click on the Start button then search and select Control Panel .

2. Click on Programs or on Uninstall a program underneath it, as seen in the infographic below.

Through Installed Programs
Through Installed Programs

Take a close view of all the installed programs listed. Check if there is any program you did not install which can be a Keylogger, if any, then the click on it and uninstall or right-click on it and Uninstall it .

Through Installed Programs
Through Installed Programs

After the uninstalling, the keylogger will be removed completely from your computer.

Through the use of Anti-Keyloggers software

There are several anti-keylogger software that you can use to detect and remove Keyloggers via scanning your computer with them.

Here are some list of anti-keyloggers software you can use to

  1. MalwareFox Anti-Malware
  2. Kaspersky Security Scan
  3. Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Beta
  4. Norton Power Eraser
  5. Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit
  6. Bitdefender Rootkit Remover
  7. McAfee Rootkit Remover

You can check this out on Youtube:

8. Precautions On How To Avoid Keyloggers And Its Consequences

  • Reinstall the operating system on your computer. Most Keyloggers hide within the operating system. If you find out it has invaded your computer, reinstall your operating system after you have backup your important files. This will get rid of them completely.
  • Use the On-Screen Keyboard to input information that is important to you like passwords, credit cards, bank details, etc. using the On-Screen keyboard will help in preventing Keyloggers from recording your keystrokes on your keyboard.
  • Install antivirus and update it regularly.
  • Use strong passwords to protect your computer from hackers.
  • Do not leave your PC (laptop) in an unsecured environment.
  • Click only trusted online add-ons, as hackers can program keyloggers into them to steal your information or monitor your keystrokes and mouse clicks.
  • Do not download unsecured files or packages online, especially from unsecured websites.
  • Avoid strangers from accessing your PC. This is because you can never tell the motive of such a fellow for wanting to use your computer.
  • Do a regular check for the latest security updates online to prevent being a victim of the increasing rate of cybercrimes.

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