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by Claire Berry

Free Makeup Samples by Mail 2023 (Free Shipping) – Getting free makeup samples by mail 2023 is like very exciting these days. We all realize that the price for cosmetic products and makeup products are like becoming more and more expensive.

Free Makeup Samples by Mail 2023

It makes many people can barely afford the products. Unfortunately, most women cannot leave their bedroom without applying makeup on their face. This is why the need of foundations, mascara, eyes shadows, and so on is still high.

How to afford those products without having to spend huge amount of money on them? The best answer is getting free samples. Learn more about free makeup samples down below.

The Easiest Ways to Obtain Free Makeup Samples by Mail 2023

The Easiest Ways to Obtain Free Makeup Samples by Mail 2023
The Easiest Ways to Obtain Free Makeup Samples by Mail 2023

Makeup samples are usually given away by cosmetic companies to attract buyers. Basically, the samples are packed in smaller containers and supposed to be used as trial-like product.

Even though they are samples, their contents are the same as the actual products. This way, getting the samples equals to getting the real products. How to get the makeup samples anyway?

There are three common ways where people can try to get free makeup samples by mail 2023. Here are those three ways, explained in details so that you can fully understand them all.

Volunteer as Makeup Testers

The first way that people often try to get free makeup sample is by deliberately volunteering as makeup testers. Every cosmetic or makeup company needs people to test their products, especially new products, before those products can be released publicly. Usually, they need men and women aged 18 or above to try their products.

The products will be tested for allergic reactions and overall result. The volunteer testers will also be asked for their personal testimony about the product.

If you like to get free makeup samples in like monthly basis, this is the perfect way for you to try. You will be mailed bunch of free makeup products and the best thing about it is that most of the products are exclusive.

They are not released publicly yet and you will be one of the first ones to try that product. Do not worry about the term “tester” here, though, because the products that are being tested are mostly the finished products.

It means they have been approved by the FDA and have been through long process of testing and developing as well. In order to become the makeup tester volunteer, usually you can sign up on the website of cosmetic companies. This is the beginning of your journey in obtaining free beauty product every month.

Subscribe to Cosmetic Companies Mailing List

Many cosmetic companies establish mailing list. The mailing list is used to spread news and updates about their makeup products, especially when a brand new makeup product is about to be launched to public.

One of the perks of subscribing to cosmetic companies mailing list is that you can literally receive free beauty product and makeup product by mail.

Cosmetic companies often release exclusive content about new product to their subscribers and most of the times the mail free samples of the upcoming products to the subscribers as well.

This is basically why you do not have to be stubborn not to subscribe to any cosmetic companies mailing list. If you do not want to get bothered by the spam and frequent updates, you can use your secondary email address that you don’t sync in your phone.

That way, you can still subscribe to the mailing list and get free makeup sample by mail 2023 without having to deal with the bunch of emails on your phone. To find the mailing list, you just have to visit the official site of a cosmetic company.

Usually, on the top corner or bottom corner of the page, you will find “subscribe” or “sign up” button. Click them and you will officially follow the mailing list of the makeup line.

Find Websites That Offer Free Makeup Samples

If you do not want to volunteer as makeup testers and you are not interested in subscribing to the mailing list either, you need to find the simplest way of getting free makeup samples by mail 2023.

How? Well, basically you can open your browser and start looking for the websites that offer free makeup samples. Thankfully, there are bunch of them!

Many websites are indeed offering free makeup samples in exchange of few online tasks, such as playing games, answering some surveys, or just sharing and mentioning the website on your social media.

Even better, some websites give the makeup samples away just like that, without making you do anything. If you are interested in using this particular way to get the free makeup sample, you need to be clever and choose the right websites.

You need to find a legitimate website that can eventually send you the free samples by mail. How to tell? One of the best ways to tell whether or not a website is genuine is by checking out the testimony or reviews box.

If they are full of positive, praising comments, the website is probably the right one to choose. On the contrary, if the comments are mostly negative and many people condemn the website as scams, you can probably walk away because instead of getting free makeup samples, you will probably get milked for your personal information and even money.

The Best Websites to Get Free Makeup Samples by Mail 2023

The Best Websites to Get Free Makeup Samples by Mail 2023
The Best Websites to Get Free Makeup Samples by Mail 2023

Considering that finding website that gives free makeup sample away is the most popular way to obtain the free stuff, you need to know some of the best websites that can do the purpose perfectly.

As stated before, there are numerous websites on the internet that can send you free makeup samples by mail 2023. However, not all of them are legitimate.

You need to find the right one to get the free stuff with ease. Consider choose these websites below. They are all proven as genuine websites that send free makeup samples to people without any scamming or bad intentions.

Magic Freebies - Sample Link

Magic Freebies
Magic Freebies

Magic Freebies is a UK-based website where you can literally find any cosmetic samples that you like and mail it to you. This website provides free samples, not only cosmetic but also household products.

All you need to do is sign up or create an account on this website. Then, you can browse for the samples that you like. It is literally like shopping online but this one is for free.

Freeflys - Sample Link


Major cosmetic companies and beauty product manufacturers have their samples managed by Freeflys. This is why the website is basically where you can find numerous samples of upcoming or recently released products from Revlon, Olay, Sephora, and many other brands.

You do not need to do any tasks to get the samples from Freeflys. You only need to sign up and becoming a subscriber to this website in order to get the free makeup samples by mail 2023.

SampleSource - Sample Link


SampleSource is a very unique website. It is a website where people can create a profile and basically show their personality. The website gives away samples but not randomly.

The samples sent to you are going to match your personality. Say for example, you create a profile of you and describe yourself there as someone who love hiking and doing outdoor activity.

Then, the samples sent to you are probably related to the outdoor activity you wrote, such as cologne, waterproof foundations, or sunscreen.

Freebies4Mom - Sample Link


Freebies4Mom is a great website where people, especially moms, can cut budget on many products, including daily household products and cosmetics of course. The website has daily give away and things like quizzes and surveys.

The price is like a bunch of free makeup samples by mail 2023. If you love to spend time on the internet and do little tasks, this website is just perfect for you.

Snag Free Samples - Sample Link

Snag Free Samples
Snag Free Samples

Snag Free Samples is the right websites for those who want to get exclusive makeup samples with ease. The website asks you just to subscribe or sign up to them.

Then, they will give away free samples every once in a while. They mail the samples to you in monthly basis. Usually, the samples are random, expanding from regular beauty products to hair and body products as well.

Considering that you do not have to do anything at all to get the products, this website is basically perfect for everyone to try.That is all you need to know about free makeup sample from cosmetic companies.

Whether you want to get it by being a tester or by searching all across the internet, the point is that you get free beauty products and makeup for free. You do not need to spend a dime to look beautiful.

Cosmetic companies do have samples for each and every one of makeup product exists, starting from foundation, powder, lipstick, to eyeliners.

Sometimes, they send sample of hair products as well. This is why everyone should know about the method of getting free makeup samples by mail 2023.a

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