DW VMAX For PC Download [Windows 10/8/7 & Mac]

by Claire Berry

Since the existence of the world and its inhabitants, security has been a major issue that is taken with utmost concern. When there is a provision of an effective security system, the entire system is kept safe and activities will proceed as they should be. In time past, humans are responsible for maintaining the security architecture of any given location. They give updates on the security situation of different locations of interest. Despite the effectiveness of their security activities, the task is laborious, financially expensive, and requires the commitment of a huge number of people. That said, the improvements in the technological niche have made different tedious and capital-intensive tasks easier. Through the use of technological products, you can get unlimited access to adequate security of the location of your interest. You can have a comprehensive overview of the security situation of your home, office, and company without any hassle.

This has become possible with the introduction of amazing surveillance applications. As of today, one of the fantastic surveillance apps that are widely used by smartphone users is the DW VMAX app. The efficiency of DW VMAX has made it gain widespread recognition among people that desire has a concise overview of happenings when you are away from a specific location. Though the app is useful to different categories of people that desire excellent surveillance tools, the PC version is yet to be launched. This means that you will not have access to download its.exe file for installation on your PC. However, there are methods through which you can bypass the download of the.exe file to install and access the features of the DW VMAX app on your PC. This is a straightforward step that is not known to many PC users. Therefore, there is a need to give detailed information on the methods through which you can download and install the app on your PC. With that said, today, I will be telling you the effective methods you can use to download the DW VMAX app on your PC.

About the DW VMAX App

About the DW VMAX App
About the DW VMAX App

DW VMAX is an amazing remote surveillance application that works perfectly as a digital watchdog on Android devices. The application is designed to help you manage and control P2P cam videos. You can download, install, and access the full features of the app at no cost. With the DW VMAX app, you will have unlimited access to getting live information from DW cameras attached to your devices because you can connect cameras directly to your Android devices. To do this, you need to add the IP address of your camera to the app. Then connect your smartphone to the internet. Once a strong connection is established, you can see the live HD videos on your Android devices. The DW VMAX APP supports a wide range of network connections ranging from 3G to 4G to WiFi. With this, you can see the videos of your office and home via the P2P camera from any location.

The DW VMAX designed for remote surveillance purposes can connect to the DW cloud services. Hence, you can access all the video recordings on your computer or mobile devices from any location. You can also watch saved videos and access all the available video playbacks. This can be achieved through the use of an excellent internet connection.

The developers of the DW VMAX have made provision for an efficient and responsive support center. Through this support center, you can get clarifications and solutions to all your complaints. They will also provide answers to any challenges you encounter on the operation of the remote surveillance app. They also give you a guide on the best way to install the app and enjoy unlimited surveillance services.

Despite the fantastic surveillance services of the DW VMAX app, the developers are yet to launch its PC version. This has limited its use by the tons of PC users to access it on their mobile devices. However, there are well-developed methods through which you can access its services on your PC. These methods are free to access and efficient.

Features of DW VMAX App

DW VMAX is a well-developed remote surveillance app that comes with a huge variety of exciting features. The app is designed with a fantastic playback feature through which you can watch previous videos recorded on the camera at all time points. With this feature, you can get information on all the activities you missed while you are away from home or work. The app also has a functioning microphone control that helps its users to communicate effectively with each other. The microphone functions like you are communicating with your friend via intercom. Through the DW VMAX app, you can take snapshots of an important scene when saved or live videos. You can play videos on the app through its built-in video player. Through its video player feature, you will have access to select the format whereby you wish to watch the video. You can watch in portrait and landscape mode. DW VMAX app uses 16 cams simultaneously to perform its surveillance functions. With this, you don't need to download or purchase a separate application for the cam since the app will manage multiple cams effectively. Finally, the DW VMAX app gives an alert whenever it detects motion in the video camera. It also offers PTZ and DVRs control to its users.

How to Download the DW VMAX App on Your PC

As of today, the DW VMAX is designed and accessible on smartphones. This is because there is no official version of the app developed for PC. Hence, you need to use third-party software to access the DW VMAX app. Currently, Android emulators are the best and efficient software you can use to run the app successfully. Through the Android emulator software, you can access your entire favorite Android app without any hassle. For this article, I will tell you how you can access the DW VMAX app on your PC through the use of Android emulators.

How to Download DW VMAX App with BlueStacks Emulator

BlueStacks emulator is efficient software that is widely used to access Android applications that have no PC version. The app has a well-designed interface that is extremely easy to navigate. With the app, you can access the DW VMAX app seamlessly. To download, install, and access the features of the DW VMAX app on your PC using the BlueStacks emulator, you can follow the simple steps discussed below.

  • Download the BlueStacks emulator from its website.
  • Once the.exe file is downloaded, install it on your PC by following the stepwise process displayed on your PC screen.
  • Navigate to the BlueStacks emulator and open the app.
  • Enter your Google login details. You can create a new Google account if you don't have it.
  • Next, enter DW VMAX in the search interface of the BlueStacks emulator app.
  • Hit the DW VMAX icon in the search result.
  • Install the app and start accessing its features seamlessly.

Download and Install the DW VMAX App with Nox App Player

Nox App Player is another amazing Android emulator that is designed for easy access to Android applications on your PC. The app is straightforward to navigate and provides efficient access to download, install, and use the DW VMAX app. You can install the app on Nox App Player by following the simple steps discussed below.

  • Download the Nox App Player.
  • Next, install the.exe file downloaded on your PC.
  • Enter your Google account details to open the play store of the Nox App Player. You can open an account if you are yet to have one.
  • Search for the DW VMAX app in the play store of the Nox App Player.
  • Tap the DW VMAX icon and install it on your PC.
  • After the installation is complete, you can start enjoying its features.


The table below highlights the steps involved in downloading the DW VMAX app using an Android emulator.

BlueStacks Emulator Nox App Player
Download the BlueStacks app. Download the Nox App Player on your PC.
Install the app on your PC. Install the.exe file downloaded.
Enter your Google login details. Launch the app and enter your Google login details.
Search for the DW VMAX app on your PC. Enter DW VMAX in the search interface of the Nox App Player.
Install the DW VMAX app on your PC. Hit the DW VMAX app to install it on your PC.


DW VMAX is a great remote surveillance app that has proven to be useful for maintaining and controlling the security situation of a particular place. The app is developed with a lot of jaw-dropping features that have made it gained widespread recommendation amongst its users. However, its PC version is yet to be launched meaning that you can only enjoy its features on your Android smartphone. That said, you can access the app on your PC using Android emulators. Today, I have discussed the methods through which you can download and access the DW VMAX app on your PC. Happy reading!

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