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by Claire Berry

There is fast growth in the world's economy and wealth. But, despite the rapid wealth growth, it can't be distributed among the world's population equally.

Why Requesting Money from Millionaires 2023

Some individuals will always have more wealth when compared to others.

The people with a vast amount of wealth in their charge are not more than 1%. They are referred to as the elite of the world. And about 99% of the world's wealth is controlled by these 1% elites.

There are so many people with terrible financial standings that cannot afford a sensible number of meals per day. Many people cannot also afford good education and clothing.

Hence, it is the exemplary duty of these 1% elites (who can also be referred to as millionaires) to assist these people (who cannot afford a meal, education, and clothing)

Moreover, many millionaires have even started helping these categories of peoples.

They donate money to various charities and causes. These millionaires can also be asked for a donation to a specific purpose.

Most of these millionaires wish to assist people who have an idea and want to work hard on it.

There might come a time when you will be at the lowest point in your life and help from others who are more financially buoyant than you will seem like the only option for you to assist you to rise to your feet. You will feel there might be others who will be willing to assist you. That is good thinking, but coming across those who will render this help is not easy.

Those who assist others financially are those who are close to them, either family or friends.

It can be challenging that those who don't know you will suddenly come to your aid and put an end to your financial struggle.

It is advisable, to be honest, hardworking, wise, and frugal in financial management which is a reasonable way of avoiding financial challenges.

Before asking millionaires for money, it is good that you sit and evaluate yourself to know and recognize the reasons for your financial struggles.

Getting the money is not a problem for some people; it is about getting the money and making sure it increases.

Financial Struggles to Ask for Money Online

1. No savings/insurance Account

At one point in life, you will encounter unexpected circumstances that need significant amounts of money. But, by possessing a savings and insurance account, you will not be held in financial problems for long.

2. No clarification between Needs and desires

  • You must differentiate between your needs and your desires.
  • Don't use your money to meet desires; use your money to meet your needs.
  • Examples of needs are paying bills, child's school fees, and many more.
  • Examples of desires include, traveling, buying a new car, new house, latest fashion clothes, and many more.
  • Don't pressure yourself into having all the things you want, unless you are ready for the consequences or you are sure you are buoyant to handle them without breaking a sweat financially.

3. When your Expenditure is more significant than your income

  • Your expenditures must be lesser than your income. They must not even be the same.
  • When you spend more than your income, then something is improper with the way you deal with your money and life.
  • You should save part of your income because mismanagement of funds will put you in a severe financial problem.

4. Debt

  • Requesting a loan from the bank is regular as long as your income is reasonable. You must evaluate the number and duration of your loan.
  • Always remember that loans are the last alternative to meet your needs, not desires (wants).
  • You must estimate whether your income is sufficient to pay the instalments and for your daily needs. Because improper or wrong calculation will put you in an awful position.

Effective ways of requesting money from millionaires

Below are some of the effective ways of requesting money from millionaires.

1. Search for the names of Millionaires Who are fond of giving money

  • Your efforts may be unfruitful if all you do is walk around asking money from whosoever seem wealthy to you. Many are wealthy, but not every one of them is willing to give their money away to a stranger. It is crucial to know the category of millionaires that are reachable to the kind act of giving out money to those in financial struggles.
  • You can do this by asking around your neighborhood or search google to know their names. And from there you can schedule a plan of meeting anyone or even all of them.
  • Some millionaires who are always known to show the act of generosity of giving money away to the needed include;
Search for the names of Millionaires Whoare fond of giving money
Search for the names of Millionaires Who are fond of giving money
Search for the names of Millionaires Whoare fond of giving money
Search for the names of Millionaires Who are fond of giving money

2. Locate Their Contact Information

  • After getting to know their names, the next focus should be on getting their contact information.
  • There are some of them like Bill Gates,who owns their charity foundation ( Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). So, you can get their contact details from their charity offices or websites.
  • It is sometimes advisable you send your proposal to their websites because most of their charities only concentrate on a large project for a particular community.
  • So, ensure a community is a target in your proposal if you will have a chance of getting their attention.
  • Directly contacting these millionaires is most times the solution if you have a personal financial challenge. Majority of their charity establishments will not reply to your e-mail, or pick up your calls. So, try to contact them personally, primarily via their E-mail address.
  • Also, note that it is hard to discover the personal details of millionaires. Thus, try to make use of the Google search engine to find their personal data.
  • There are also some online forums you can search for their personal information

3. Making use of some online forum

There is some legit online forum that can help attend and solve your financial struggles.



Cyberbeg is a non-profit website whose sole objective is to connect people to support in solving other financial difficulties.


  • You will have to create a PayPal account before you can begin to put the details about the financial situations you are encountering.
  • This website asserts to have been able to contribute millions of dollars to more than 20,000 people worldwide.
  • The website services are for free; that is, there is no charges or deduction.
  • The money raised will be allotted to you not as a loan, but an aid.
  • If you are fortunate, you could acquire the exact amount of money you require from donors on this website.



BoostUp is a platform that assists you to accomplish your desires.


  • Maybe you have been trying to possess a house, car and other things, but your money is not sufficient. This platform will assist you to ask money from millionaires to cover the voids.
  • For example, if the car of your desire is worth about $20000 but you only have $15,000. Boostup will collect $5000.
  • Although there must be a strong reason why others should consider assisting you in buying a car.
  • You cannot use the platform to get financial assistance to clear loan or debt.

Begging Money

Begging Money
Begging Money

Begging money is a web site designed to compile donations to assist others from their financial difficulties.


  • Although, unlike Cyberbeg, this website will take 4% on each donation received.
  • This website is more prominent and productive to ask money from millionaires than Cyberbeg.
  • You must meet up with several of it prerequisites, such as submitting personal details to verify the loan/bill of the bank.

There are other online forum you can access too, they include ;

4. Present Unique Proposals to any found Millionaires

  • You must deliver a unique and exciting proposal for submission to these millionaires.
  • Ensure that your proposal is concise and precise.
  • Strive to be as honest as most millionaires welcome honest people.
  • Furthermore, they've had years of experience in negotiating with people. So, without any waste of time, they can identify if you are lying or not.
  • Many of them can also make use of their tracking resources to examine whether you use their money for the specified purpose or not. Therefore, they can lodge an extortion case against you are guilt.
  • Try all your possible best to compose an impressive and distinct proposal.
  • Ensure that your proposal beats other proposals in their inbox.
zzSummary of foundations by Above Mentioned Millionaires

Below is a table summarizing the foundations funded by the listed Millionaires


Foundation Funded

Serena Williams

Chuck Feeney

The Atlantic Philanthropies

Bill Gates

Mark Zuckerberg

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Tim Cook

Warren Buffett

Ted Turner

J. K. Rowling

Jon Huntsman Sr

The Huntsman Cancer foundation (HCF)

Michael Jordan

Sara Blakely

Spanx foundation


Politeness is also a key. Ensure that you are as polite as you can be. Don't be rude, because if you are rude, there is a high tendency that your application or request will be accepted.

There is a need for you to assess all the facts stated above.

Once send your application or request, all you can do is hope and pray.

You can also attempt to contact other wealthy people for money. Don't relent, keep trying until someone is willing to donate to you.

Attempt to contact millionaires from your area or neighborhood first. They can be easily convinced because they are from your area and may be able to identify with your challenges.

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